The Alberta Public Service Ambassador Program promotes the Alberta Public Service to prospective employees through a network of Ambassadors. Ambassadors are public service employees who are passionate about their careers and have a desire to share this enthusiasm with others.

Ambassadors build relationships with students, graduates, experienced professionals, educational institutions, and community groups through participation in post-secondary career events, and other community outreach activities.


The program’s mission is to support the attraction and retention of a strong public service that is equipped to provide quality programs and services to Albertans now and in the future.


The mandate of this program is to increase awareness of the Alberta Public Service as a positive career choice to students, graduates, and individuals with valuable work experience. Ambassadors educate prospective employees on:

  • Alberta Public Service careers
  • the benefits of working for the Alberta Public Service
  • how to apply and prepare for our job opportunities

They also share their personal stories and experiences, strengthening community connections.


The Ambassador Program was launched to attract students, new graduates and other prospective employees to the Alberta Public Service. The program plays an important role in increasing the visibility of the Alberta Public Service as an attractive employer at career events and other outreach activities.

Students, graduates and post-secondary institutions

The Ambassador program works to build relationships with various educational institutions across Alberta. Through building relationships with educational career centres and student groups, the Alberta Public Service is able to actively engage with students and graduates. Ambassadors attend various post-secondary career events throughout the year, and provide attendees with information about the wide variety of job opportunities with the Alberta Public Service and the advantages of working for the Alberta Public Service. Ambassadors participate in the following ways for students, graduates and post-secondary institutions:

  • networking activities
  • answering questions
  • sharing valuable resources
  • helping attendees navigate our recruitment processes
  • providing advice on resume writing
  • helping attendees prepare for interviews
  • creating presentations on a variety of topics

Experienced workers

Prospective employees also include experienced professionals seeking a job or career change. Through the Ambassador Program, prospective new employees are able to gather information about:

  • the Alberta Public Service as an employer
  • upcoming career opportunities
  • how to apply for job opportunities

Other communities

The Government of Alberta is committed to a diverse and inclusive public service where diversity, inclusion and innovation are valued and supported. Through various initiatives, Ambassadors connect with diverse communities, including Indigenous People, newcomers to Canada, persons with disabilities, and military personnel and their families, to provide meaningful information about career opportunities and our hiring process.

Ambassador duties

Alberta Public Service Ambassador duties include:

  • participating in career fairs and mixers throughout the year
  • speaking directly with students, graduates and other prospective new employees either one-on-one or in group settings
  • assisting people with their career planning and job search through referrals to Alberta Public Service resources
  • providing resume reviews and conducting mock interviews
  • participating in job shadowing, mentoring or coaching opportunities