Emission offsets are generated by projects that have voluntarily reduced their greenhouse gas emissions. Emission offsets are quantified using Alberta-approved methodologies called quantification protocols, and are verified by a third party in accordance with the Standard for Validation, Verification and Audit.

Emission offset projects must meet the requirements in the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) regulation, the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers, and a relevant Alberta-approved quantification protocol.

Emission offsets are registered and listed on the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry operated by CSA Group.

Standards and guidance

Quantification protocols

Approved protocols

Flagged protocols

The following protocols are flagged, which means that a project developer cannot initiate or implement an emission offset project without written authorization from the director.

For more information on applying to the director to use a flagged protocol, please see the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers.

To obtain background information that supports the protocols, please contact the Regulatory and Compliance Branch by email at aep.ghg@gov.ab.ca.

Withdrawn protocols

The following protocols are withdrawn, which means that no new projects can be initiated using these protocols. For information on withdrawn protocols, see the Standard for Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Project Developers.

Documents for comment

Alberta's protocol development process is outlined in the Technical Guidance for Offset Protocol Development and Revision. As part of the development and revision process, draft protocols are posted for a 30-day public comment period.

Drafts previously posted

Comments no longer accepted.

Notices and updates



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