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Alberta Emergency Services Medal Nomination Information Sheet

Alberta Emergency Services Medal (AESM) and Service Bars Policy Guidelines - 2017

Inaugural Presentation of the Alberta Emergency Services Medal  (Alberta Legislature Building - May 15, 2003)

Medal/Service Bars and Certificate


The Alberta Emergency Services Medal (AESM) is a 3.5 cm diameter polished nickel disk with a clasp mounted on top. The inverse side of the medal has an Alberta Wild Rose circumscribed with the words 'In Service Of Albertans'. On the obverse side of the medal is the Alberta Shield circumscribed with the words 'Emergency Services Alberta'. The medal is suspended by a 3.5 cm wide blue ribbon with three thin white stripes. The blue colour represents the Province of Alberta and the white for good service, loyalty and conduct. Bronze, silver and gold service bars with smooth polished edges and rosette are 0.95 cm wide by 3.18 cm long to fit the width of the ribbon.

The attached images are provided as a suggestion for each jurisdiction to utilize in creating any undress ribbons in accordance with the AESM Guidelines 2017.

       AESM Bar                    

       AESM Bar with bronze rosette  

       AESM Bar with bronze and silver rosette 

       AESM Bar with bronze, silver and gold rosette     


The certificate does not reflect the total years of service the recipient may have within their qualifying emergency services discipline. It is awarded based on twelve, twenty-two, thirty-two or forty years of service and this is reflected on the certificate.


  • Firefighters (structural and wildland);
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel, including paramedics and emergency medical responders (EMR) as defined by the Health Professions Act, employed in public service;
  • Dispatchers employed in the public sector supporting emergency responders;
  • Any Police Officer as defined by the Police Act of Alberta;
  • Search and Rescue personnel;
  • Personnel from a municipal emergency management agency appointed by municipalities under the Emergency Management Act;
  • Personnel from the Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks, the Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch (Fire Protection, Alberta Parks Conservation Officers, Fish and Wildlife Officers, and emergency responders to environmental emergencies);
  • Personnel from the Office of the Fire Commissioner and the Alberta Emergency Management Agency;
  • Correctional Officers as defined by the Alberta Corrections Act or the Corrections and Conditional Release Act;
  • Any Peace Officer as defined by the Peace Officer Act of Alberta;
  • Any officer (Police, Auxiliary or Special Constable) as defined by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act and whose Alberta service time equals twelve, twenty-two, thirty-two or forty years collectively.


To be eligible for the medal, personnel must have been serving on or after January 1, 2000, in a sector of the Alberta emergency management system.

Personnel must have undertaken all required phases of training and duty prescribed by their respective municipalities and ministries, and must be certified by their administrative authority as efficient and in every way deserving of the award.


Nomination for a candidate for the AESM and service bars must be based on a total of twelve years of service for the medal, and twenty-two, thirty-two or forty years of service for service bars with one or more municipal, provincial or federal emergency services in the province of Alberta. Notification of eligibility, plus verification, must be made by the endorsed administrator of the organization.

Nominations must be submitted on the Alberta Emergency Services Medal Nomination Form supplied by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

The AESM/service bars and certificate will be mailed to the nominating authority unless otherwise requested. The planning of a presentation ceremony is the responsibility of that authority.

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