Following the Alberta-British Columbia Joint Cabinet meeting in 2004, there was an agreement by the Ministers of Infrastructure and Transportation to work with stakeholders to develop a northern airports strategy that recognized the role of airports as economic enablers.

The Strategy focused on public-use airports within the two provinces located north of Highway 16. The Strategy provides airport operators, not only in northern Alberta and B.C., but in all regions, with a platform to address pressing issues and to conduct benchmarking of their operations. The Strategy was completed in November 2006.

The Strategy identified 14 key action items facing airports that fall under the 5 categories. These include:

  • cooperation
  • air service
  • commercial land development
  • infrastructure
  • government support issues

The Strategy recognizes that no one stakeholder holds all the answers or the resources to realize the opportunities and overcome the shortfalls. Enduring partnerships will be required to meet the long term goals set out under the 14 key action items.

Alberta – British Columbia Northern Airports Strategy