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The Alberta Bits and Pieces Program is a way for businesses and citizens to submit unsolicited offers of products and services to help others during an emergency or disaster.

Originally established during the Second World War, the program coordinated innovative production and procurement efforts from across the country to support the war effort. The program has since evolved to provide critical support to Albertans during emergencies and disasters, including flooding, wildfires, tornadoes and more recently, COVID-19.

How it works

The program connects products and services offered by private, retail, industry and non-profit organizations with Albertans looking for help. These manufacturers and suppliers may or may not charge a fee for their products and services.

Submit your offer(s)

We encourage all companies, individuals and non-profit organizations who can offer products and services, including personal protective equipment, to submit their offer of products or services to the Alberta Bits and Pieces Program.

Step 1: Visit the Alberta Bits and Pieces Program submission page

If you have products or services you feel could help others during difficult times, submit your offers of products or services by visiting the Alberta Bits and Pieces Program submission page.

Step 2: Submit your unsolicited resource offer(s)

  • Accept the terms to continue to the submission form.
    • If you do not agree to the terms, you will not be able to complete the submission form.
  • Fill out the form with information about your offer(s).
  • Your offer(s) will generally remain active during the hazard season (March 1 to October 31) or as specified by the vendor.
  • You will be contacted directly if there is a requirement for your product or service.


During a disaster, private and non-profit organizations, retail suppliers and industry partners are quick to offer help in a variety of ways, including transportation, shelter, food and other products or services.

When COVID-19 hit our province, offers of help came pouring in and continue to this day. Offers of help included:

  • commercial vehicles
  • trailers and hotel rooms
  • food and water services
  • hospital gowns
  • facemasks
  • ventilators
  • other personal protective equipment

Access goods and services

Step 1: Visit the Alberta Bits and Pieces Program portal

The Alberta Bits and Pieces Program portal allows you to view products and services offered by others.

Step 2: Search for offers

During a time of emergency or disaster, you may require specific products or services not offered elsewhere, or in short supply. The Alberta Bits and Pieces Program makes it easy for you to search for products by using the filter option.

Step 3: Access offers

When you find a product or service you require, contact the vendor/supplier directly:

  • there is no limit to the amount of times you can access offers through the program
  • fees and discounts for products and services are set by the provider


Email: [email protected]

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