Leading industry experts will be discussing new barley varieties, advancements in weed control, disease resistance and more.

“Research scientist Yadeta Kabeta and extension specialist Linda Hunt, both with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) will be discussing forage crop options, and how forage barley that is bred for Alberta livestock producers can benefit your operation,” says Erin Collier, research extension coordinator with AF.

“Specifically, they will show how FCDC is working on a new forage barley initiative that could lead to varieties that surpass the current standards for forage performance - including palatability, digestibility and nutrition.”

She adds that she is also looking forward to hear from AF pulse research scientist Robyne Bowness about the upcoming pulse fractionation opportunities in Western Canada.

“It has huge potential to add value and diversity. We will also be looking at research on what you can do on the farm agronomically to take advantage of this market.”

Lacombe Field Day sessions include advances in triticale, new barley varieties, disease resistance, mitigating herbicide resistance, the influence of legumes on malt barley quality and choosing forage varieties.

Register for the Lacombe Field Day, presented by Alberta Barley. Registration is $20 and includes lunch. Walk-ins on July 24 are also welcome.