Income exemptions

The Alberta government is committed to supporting the province’s most vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19, including individuals and families who receive social assistance.

AISH and Income Support recipients who have lost work and income because of COVID-19 can exempt a portion of the Government of Canada’s Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), if they receive it. This means a portion of the CERB payment will not affect their provincial benefits.

Read Ministerial Order 2020-17 (AISH) and Ministerial Order 2020-16 (Income Support).

Maximum income exemptions for AISH clients who receive the CERB

Table 1. AISH exemptions

AISH exemptions Fully exempt 25% exempt
Single Up to $300 Remaining amount
Family (client with spouse and/or dependents) Up to $875 Remaining amount

Maximum income exemptions for Income Support clients who receive the CERB

Table 2. Income Support exemptions (expected to work and barriers to full employment)

Income support exemptions Fully exempt 25% exempt
Single adult household Up to $230 Remaining amount
Two adult household Up to $115 per adult Remaining amount
Amount earned by each dependent not in school, defined by the Education Act Up to $350 per dependent Remaining amount


For more information about the exemptions, call your AISH or Income Support caseworker, or the Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992.

The AISH and CERB and the Income Support and CERB fact sheets provide a more detailed explanation of how the CERB affects monthly benefit rates.