The AISH Action Plan (PDF, 300 KB) outlines our commitment to make the AISH system better and more responsive to Albertans’ needs.

July 2018 Update

All AISH Action Plan initiatives are complete or in progress to make AISH easier to access, more client-focused and responsive to Albertans’ needs. These initiatives are listed by the recommendation they address.

Key changes include:

  • introducing a simplified application form and new guides in everyday language, making it easier for Albertans to apply and understand the AISH program
  • offering an online option for Albertans to submit AISH applications so it is easier and faster to apply
  • eliminating the “earning a livelihood” policy which unfairly and arbitrarily limited the number of hours an AISH applicant could work to be eligible
  • providing more personalized supports and streamlined intake processes to reduce the time it takes for applicants to find out if they are eligible for AISH
  • introducing a new Adjudication Guide, updated eligibility policies and provincial AISH training strategy to help staff make consistent decisions and provide quality service
  • using standardized letters to inform applicants about eligibility decisions
  • establishing new baseline measures and indicators for application processing times that will help shape provincial standards
  • setting up new procedures to learn from internal audits
  • implementing an updated appeal form, centralized appeal processes and new procedures to learn from appeal panel decisions
  • developing new resources to assist agencies that support Albertans with the AISH appeals process


AISH Performance Measures and Indicators January 2018 to March 2018 (PDF, 209 KB)

AISH Performance Measures and Indicators October to December 2017 (PDF, 164 KB)

AISH Performance Measures and Indicators July to September 2017 (PDF, 161 KB)

AISH Caseload Report