AISH Action Plan

Alberta’s plan to take action to improve the AISH program and appeals process.


The AISH Action Plan outlines our commitment to make the AISH program better by:

  • responding to the Alberta Auditor General's report that was released in fall 2016, addressing its 3 recommendations to:
    • improve AISH program accessibility
    • set service standards and improve eligibility procedures and guidelines
    • improve reporting on efficiency
  • outlining work that’s happening in phases to make AISH more responsive, accessible, and client-focused
  • discussing what we’ve done so far, including
    • providing stable funding
    • using a new AISH website with plain language and easy-to-access resources
    • improving staff training programs, and
    • introducing a new appeals form and information resources
  • describing how we’ll continue to improve processes and service standards
  • indicating the way we’ll monitor and report on the efficiency of the program and the appeals process.

Read the AISH Action Plan (PDF, 300 KB) to learn about the changes we’re making to improve the AISH program and appeals process.

We’ll be listening to Albertans with disabilities, as well as their family members and advocates, over the coming months and years to continue supporting them to live safe, inclusive lives in their communities.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress we’re making. Check back here often for updates.

Quarterly Reports

AISH Performance Measures and Indicators | July 2017 – September 2017 (PDF, 166 KB)

AISH Caseload Profile | July 2017 – September 2017 (PDF, 195 KB)