These initial comments have been prepared in response to Transport Canada's Services 2000: Air Transportation Services Consultation Paper, dated February 2001. Transport Canada is consulting with interested parties prior to developing negotiating positions in preparation for upcoming General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) negotiations, specifically "positions for Canadian air transportation and auxiliary services" (p.3).

These comments have been compiled subsequent to discussions with key Alberta stakeholders, and are based on the premise that the needs of travellers, shippers, communities and other consumers of air-transportation services should be paramount in any such policy. They also complement -- and should be read in conjunction with -- our earlier paper, Review of Canada's Policy for International Scheduled Air Services: Initial Comments in Response to Transport Canada's February 2001 Issues for Discussion Paper (April 20, 2001).

Services 2000: Transportation Services and GATS: Initial Comments in Response to Transport Canada's February 2001 Consultation Paper (PDF, 44 KB)

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