Grade 1 Science

"My First Garden": a site of gardening fun-damentals.
A wonderful time lapse filming of a plant's life cycle.

Grade 2 Science

Insects of Alberta.
Information about how to use live insects in the primary classroom.
The adventures and story of Squirmin' Herman the Worm.
Insect anatomy printouts.

Grade 3 Science

Animal life cycle printouts and many other animal links.
Links to information on cycles relating to rocks, animals, plants, diseases, energy, etc.

Grade 4 Science

Take an interactive adventure through the soil with Soil Safari.
A webquest about worm composting with links to webquests on a wide variety of topics.
An ecological footprint calculator.
Video instructions to help you make an origami newspaper seedling pot.

Grade 5 Science

A link to Environment Canada's Skywatchers Program.
Current weather conditions across Canada.
Goddard Institute for Space Studies has sophisticated global climate information and images.
A "cloud boutique" with cloud classifications along with descriptions and pictures.
A Ducks Unlimited wetlands resources.
Explore Canada's aquatic environments via this website.
This virtual pond life identification kit with microscopic close-ups.
If you don't have a real pond or a dip net you can still explore pond life with this virtual dip net sample.

Grade 6 Science

A tree identification exercise from the American National Arbor Day Foundation.
Common Guide to Native Trees and Shrubs of Alberta.
Scripts and virtual planetarium graphics of the Star Gazer episodes on P.B.S.

Science 7 Plants For Food And Fibre

To extend the growing season in Alberta, try a school greenhouse!
This excellent series contains biological sciences multimedia presentations from the University of Alberta.
A site explaining traditional herbal and plant knowledge.
The Virtual Cell web page complete with a virtual text book.
An encyclopedia of plant botany, physiology, and plant growth.
This comprehensive site about fungi even has an informative "fungus of the month" page!
This site contains registration information for the Tomatosphere project.
A map of plant hardiness zones in Canada.
A fantastic site for descriptions of Alberta's eco-regions with pictures and conservation links.
A soil group map of Alberta from the Alberta Agriculture website.
The Alberta Fertilizer Guide.

Social Studies

See Canada Facts for information about each province.
The Atlas of Canada provides some useful demographic information.
Search Alberta Hansard online.
A collection of pictures, maps and documents from the Canadian Heritage Gallery.
An index of genealogical resources from the Alberta Family Histories Society.
Alberta Source website that contains pictures, sound files and articles about Alberta's past.
City of Edmonton Archives with a great selection of historical photographs.
The Fur Institute of Canada with information on wild furs and fur farming.


Download a fantastic interactive satellite view of the Earth.
The Atlas of Canada online.
Detailed information about Alberta's river basins.


Science of Agricultural Innovation has current examples of ag innovation across Canada.
Links to a variety of Canadian news sources.
Newspapers across Alberta.
Canadian newspapers and magazines as well as news sources from around the world.
The Western Producer.

Food Processing

The story behind a loaf of bread.
The story of Marquis wheat.
The story of coffee.
The story of peanuts.

Food Safety, Health and Nutrition

Fight Bac! and keep your food safe from bacteria. Links to useful tools for teachers.
Visit the Nutrition and Education pages of the Alberta Milk site for resources and professional development.
An online Canadian cookbook from Recipe Source.


Virtual Farm Tours provides interactive tours of Canadian farms.
Kidzone by Alltech provides a fun and informative overview of food, farming and the importance of healthy eating.
A complete website on cattle breed identification.
The USDA Ag in the Classroom site has many interesting links for teachers and students.
Agricultural clip art and pictures for the classroom.
Agriculture information from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
A map of plant hardiness zones in Canada.