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This week in Alberta agriculture.

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Published each Monday, Agri-News covers the latest on all things agriculture in Alberta. Find news on livestock, crops and markets, research, food and beverage production, and programs and events. Information published in this newsletter is intended for redistribution – feel free to share! If you reproduce articles, please mention the source.

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Acreage driveway
May 2, 2022 issue
Understand your wildfire risk and take action around your property with a few simple steps.
Wheat field
May 2, 2022 issue
Marketing alternatives for producers who are concerned with signing a deferred delivery contract.
Rat nibbling
April 25, 2022 issue
Program improvements maintain Alberta’s rat free status.
Alberta meat product
April 25, 2022 issue
COVID-19 has put a spotlight on agri-food supply chains and has impacted stakeholders from farm gate to consumer.
Man cleaning gutters
April 25, 2022 issue
Understand your wildfire risk and take action around your home with a few simple steps.
Richardson’s Ground Squirrel
April 19, 2022 issue
Timing is the key to efficient control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrel.
Dairy cow in barn
April 19, 2022 issue
The Dairy Cost Study allows producers to better understand the cost of producing milk on their farms.
Man in Canola Field with Bins
April 11, 2022 issue
For producers reluctant to forward contract before harvest, with last year’s drought in vivid memory, a put option is worth considering.
April 11, 2022 issue
Have important wildfire information at your fingertips whether you’re at home or on the go.
Broken battery in field
April 11, 2022 issue
Before introducing animals to a new pasture, check for evidence of discarded or abandoned batteries.
Tractor in Field
April 4, 2022 issue
This popular budgeting and economic modelling tool can help when finalizing crop plans for this year.
Wilted diseased leaves on American elm tree
March 28, 2022 issue
To prevent the spread of Dutch elm disease, burn, bury or chip properly pruned elm wood and elm firewood by March 31.

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