This program has been reviewed as part of Budget 2019: A plan for jobs and the economy and is not accepting applications.


In 2018, organizations were invited to submit project-based proposals for the development of programs, services, and pilot and research projects – including new, one-time or expanded initiatives – geared toward the safety and independence of Alberta seniors, within four funding streams:

  • Aging in communities
  • Addressing ageism
  • Social inclusion and engagement of diverse populations
  • Elder abuse prevention

For additional information on the program, view the Aging Well in Community Grant Program description.

Guiding principles

The Aging Well in Community grant is guided by the following principles:

  • Collaboration: Initiatives identify, engage and work with groups, communities and organizations that have shared interests and goals.
  • Innovation: Initiatives draw from and test out different ideas, fields, perspectives and approaches in order to make a positive impact for seniors.
  • Sustainability: Initiatives that are ongoing in nature address plans for financial sustainability.
  • Evidence-based: Initiatives utilize best practices, evaluation outcomes and research findings to identify and address the needs and issues of seniors.


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