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Certifications: HACCP, Safe Quality Food (SQF)

Current Export Markets: United States, Europe

Mountain Creek Bison herds are raised in as natural state as possible.

Yearling bison are sent to a special “bison only” feedlot where they are fed a finishing ration for a minimum of 120 days. This ration is approximately 50% barley grain (sometimes oats and wheat may be blended in) and approximately 50% roughage that consists of grass and legumes as well as cereal straw. This high end finishing diet is used to ensure a consistent and high quality carcass. We never use hormones of any kind, nor do we use antibiotics, ionophores or growth promoters in the rations.

All our animals are slaughtered and processed at a federally inspected HACCP-approved facility for uncompromised food safety and product integrity. Every load is tested for 0157 H7, and it is our goal to raise bison in a healthy sustainable manner for the well being of both the consumer of the product and the bison under our care.

Mountain Creek Bison is an Alberta family-owned and based company. Our animals are sourced with a team of personally selected ranchers.

We offer a full range of wholesale cuts and trim.

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Contact: Rick Bernard, Fern Bierman
Phone: +1-780-953-5944 or +1‑780‑446‑1484
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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For questions about the catalogue, email: [email protected]

For market specific inquires contact an Alberta government trade development officer

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