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Forage Processing Equipment

Forage Processing Equipment

Agricultural technology, equipment, supplies

Current export markets: Africa, Australia, Western Europe, South America, United States

Planned export markets: Eastern Europe, Asia

Hunterwood Technologies designs, fabricates, and manufactures equipment to compress forage and biomass into mid-to-high density bales. Hunterwood forage presses consume two-tie bales, three-tie bales, large square bales (3’x3’, 3’x4’, and 4’x4’), round bales, and loose hay from the field or from industrial dryers to produce 30 kg half-cuts up to 450 kg big bales.

Our full range of forage processing products ensure greater domestic and global transport efficiency for your top-quality forages and biomass. Hunterwood quality-built presses will support you in being a dominant player in the forage processing market for years to come. Reliability, customer focus, international presence, and continued product development guide our commitment to our current and future customers.

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