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Packages of Cookie Mix

Totally Awesome Cookie Mix

Baked goods and pasta

Planned export markets: United States, Japan, Mexico

Confetti Sweets is a bake shop in Sherwood Park, Alberta, that specializes in baking totally awesome cookies. Our soft, chewy cookies can now be made at home with our totally awesome mix! The mix is available in four delicious flavours: Chocolate Chunk, Coconut, Sugar and Gingersnap.

What sets our product apart from other sweets on the market is the taste, texture and quality of ingredients. All our ingredients are premium and no preservatives or additives are added to any of the mixes.

  • Each package is between 490-625 grams
  • Can be ordered in cases of 12
  • No minimum/maximum order volume

Sold through direct to consumer, wholesale and grocery retail channels.

Contact Confetti Sweets

Contact: Kathy Leskow
Phone: +1-780-570-5080
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: /
Twitter: @confettisweets
Instagram: @confettisweets

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