We’re keeping tuition affordable so more Albertans can get a good education to prepare for the jobs of today and tomorrow by:

  • extending the tuition freeze for a fifth year, to the end of the 2019-20 academic year
  • passing legislation to establish a long-term tuition strategy

Having access to quality, affordable adult education in Alberta is essential for people to succeed in a modern and diverse economy.


Keeping tuition affordable

Bill 19: An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education came into force on February 1, 2019 to help keep tuition affordable for students and provide predictable revenues and clear roles for universities, colleges and polytechnic institutions.

The act and newly amended Tuition and Fees Regulation:

  • cap average tuition and apprenticeship fee increases to the annual percentage change in Alberta's Consumer Price Index
  • give the minister authority to regulate mandatory non-instructional fees and international tuition, set apprenticeship fees and order future tuition freezes
  • give students additional opportunities to help determine tuition and fee increases
  • set a tuition guarantee for international students for the standard length of their programs
  • establish a designation process for executive graduate programs

To modernize the post-secondary system and improve access for learners, the act also:

  • updates the current six-sector model to better define the mandates of Alberta's 26 post-secondary institutions
  • introduces collaboration mandates for each of the 6 sectors to ensure better access to programming in each region of the province
  • confirms the Alberta College of Art and Design's (ACAD) transition to a university – now Alberta University of the Arts

Next steps

We will continue working with institutions so they are prepared for the new tuition framework in 2021-21.

More details about the act and regulation can be found in the new Alberta Tuition Framework.

Tuition review

Changes to the Tuition and Fees Regulation, including the revised tuition framework, were developed following a comprehensive tuition review, which included consultations with students, families and representatives from post-secondary institutions.

Learn more about the tuition review

Contact us

If you have questions about the upcoming changes to post-secondary education in Alberta, please email AE.PublicAwareness@gov.ab.ca.