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MJ, born in 2011, is an attractive and exceptionally endearing little fellow with straight blond hair, grey eyes, and an alert presentation. He loves interacting and engaging with those in his life, and is especially partial to undivided attention! He is rarely fussy and is not one to cry unless in real discomfort. MJ is communicating more through the use of sounds, and enjoys being loud in his attempts to be heard and understood. Having full use of his arms, he enjoys playing with toys, doing crafts, looking at books, and using his iPad. In keeping with his enjoyment of attention, he particularly loves having books read to him.

MJ is happy to be able to return to in-person learning at school again. With additional supports, he is continuing to learn to communicate through sign language and the use of technology. He enjoys the social interaction that he gets while at school. MJ is well-liked by his teachers and classmates.

This good-natured little person would do well in a loving and energetic two parent home, with or without other children. As a child who requires specialized medical and developmental services, a family able and willing to learn about his needs and how to meet these is essential. His family will need to be dedicated to ensuring his physical well-being through regular access to specialized services, both now and in the future. MJ enjoys a meaningful connection with his birth parents, so a commitment to these relationships continuing is also in his best interests. MJ will require attentive and committed care, but there is little doubt that this sweet little boy will bring a great deal of joy and reward to the family who embraces him.

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