Featured on Wednesday's Child: September 14, 2022

Adoption profile photo of Mika

Mika, born in 2008, is a caring young person with dark brown hair, brown eyes and an engaging smile. This social and energetic youth, with a great sense of humour, enjoys being able to interact with others.

This active and athletic teen enjoys a variety of activities. Mika enjoys playing hockey, basketball, football and spending time working out in the school weight room. He enjoys watching football especially if the Baltimore Ravens, his favourite team, are playing. Other activities that keep him busy are playing video games and going camping.

Mika is in a regular school program. As a young person who likes to help others, Mika is well-liked by his teachers and classmates. Mika’s kindness and thoughtfulness are truly appreciated by his peers.

When asked about his ideal family, Mika says that he would like to have 2 parents and siblings. He would thrive with a family that can provide the necessary structure that all teens need but at the same time support him when “he is testing the waters”. Parenting a teen like Mika would create opportunities for conversations that will support him in gaining the skills he needs to become a confident and successful young adult. Mika continues to have ongoing contact with members of his birth family, so a family willing to support these connections would be in his best interest. Given his social nature, an active two parent family with children in their late teens or young adults outside the home who are often present, would be ideal. The family who would welcome Mika into their home will have the opportunity to experience together the multitude of rewards in parenting him through his teen years and into adulthood.

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