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Adoption profile photo of Matthew

Matthew, born in 2007, is a tall, slender young person, with black hair, brown eyes, and a bright smile.
As a caring teen, Matthew can often be found helping others. As he moves closer to becoming an adult, he is keen to learn skills like cooking that he can use in his future independence. This engaging youth, especially enjoys having deep, meaningful conversations with adults. As like most teens, Matthew enjoys a variety of interests, which include playing soccer, riding his bike or his scooter, camping, travelling or playing video games.

Although Matthew did well with online schooling during the pandemic, he likes being able to go back to in-person classes again. Matthew is a near average student and one of his favourite subjects is Math. With a good sense of social responsibility, Matthew enjoys being helpful to others as this gives him a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

A two-parent family or a single parent with parenting experience where there are no other children or older children would be in his best interest. A family that can provide Matthew with guidance, attention, structure, understanding and patience would be great! As an adaptable and hard-working youth, Matthew would do well in a predictable and tranquil home. He continues to have meaningful connections with his extended family, so a family willing to support these connections would also be in his best interest. The family lucky enough to welcome Matthew into their family will have the opportunity to see many rewards and positives in parenting him from adolescence through to adulthood.

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