Services and information

  • Find a doctor

    Find a family doctor or a Primary Care Network in your area. You can also call Health Link for help.

  • Find a hospital or health care facility

    Find a hospital or health care facility in your area, as well as health programs and services.

  • Health Advocate

    Learn about Alberta’s Health Advocate and Mental Health Patient Advocate, the Alberta Health Charter and your rights, and get help.

  • Primary health care

    Primary health care is your first point of contact with the health system, bringing health services closer to where you live and work.

  • Report a health care service concern

    How to resolve concerns or complaints about health services, treatments you received, or how health care decisions are made.

  • Resident and family councils

    Residents of licensed care facilities, and their families, can establish a council to sustain and enhance the quality of life for residents.