This page links to download options for air quality and deposition data collected in Alberta.

Continuous air quality data

Data download

We are currently in the process of migrating to a new database, and unfortunately data download reports will not be available during this transition. Historical data is available by request to air.data@gov.ab.ca.

Station information and status

For a list of continuous air monitoring stations, including latitude/longitude, parameters measured, and station status, see: Station Information and Status.

Reference data

Reference data, such as the definitions of the flags and which are associated with valid data, as well as other additional information can be found on the Reference Table file under the Ambient XML Schema section of the following web page: ETS Support and Online Learning: Air.

Links to additional datasets

Data collected by the Alberta core long term deposition network are stored in the National Atmospheric Chemistry (NAtChem) database. NAtChem also includes data on air quality and deposition at rural or remote locations, collected using a variety of measurement platforms across Canada.

The National Air Pollution Surveillance (NAPS) program provides air quality data across Canada. The NAPS program includes the collection of 24-hour integrated samples once every three or six days at select urban locations in Alberta.

These samples are analyzed to determine the composition of particulate matter in the air and the concentrations of volatile organic compounds.