About home warranties

Information about home warranties, and how these warranties affect builders, municipalities, rentals and real estate professionals.

Services and information

What home warranties cover.

Responsibilities that municipalities must adhere to regarding home warranties.

Search for warranty-related information for homeowners, builders, real estate professionals and financial institutions.

A reference on basic requirements of warranty coverage and recommended minimum performance expectations for new homes in Alberta.

Before listing a new home for sale, real estate professionals should confirm with a home builder that the home has warranty coverage.

Legislation related to the New Home Buyer Protection Act.

See interpretation bulletins issued by the Registrar for the New Home Buyer Protection Office.

See answers to common questions about the warranty requirements of the New Home Buyer Protection Act.

Owner builders must apply for authorization to construct their homes.

Multi-family registry properties can apply for an exemption, allowing them to build a new rental property without a home warranty policy.


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