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Commercial greenhouse vegetable production
The purpose of this fact sheet is to introduce greenhouse vegetable production as a potential business opportunity. The focus of this profile is on the key management issues associated with producing and marketing greenhouse vegetables in Alberta. This overview is not intended to be a substitute for individuals making their own thorough assessment of all the key factors that would influence the success of their individual operation.

Economics of Production and Marketing of Greenhouse Crops in Alberta
The report details the blended or weighted average data from growers who provided their information. The report can assist growers in making profitable management decisions. In addition, it serves as a guide to government when developing and evaluating programs and policies for industry. New producers can also use the information to increase their understanding of greenhouse production costs and returns in Alberta.

Emerging Virus and Viroid Disease Risks on Greenhouse Crops
Some viruses and viroids are common pathogens of greenhouse crops while others are relatively rare. Despite the severe damage these pathogens can cause (to the point of total crop loss), they are generally overlooked or ignored unless obvious symptoms are visible on infected crops.

Greenhouse sanitation
Proper greenhouse sanitation is one of the most important but often more overlooked aspects of a quality integrated pest management program. The greenhouse environment with its warm, humid climate is the perfect environment for weeds, diseases and insects, which can all seriously harm production. By taking appropriate measures, such as the ones discussed below, greenhouse growers can ensure a quality crop and a reduction in pest-related problems during the growing season.