The government monitors, controls and issues permits for the movement of all commercial vehicles, including oversize and overweight vehicles. This helps to ensure safety and minimize inconvenience to the travelling public, as well as reduce damage to roads. Identifying and removing unsafe vehicles from the road can prevent vehicle failure on Alberta's highways and reduce collisions that may result in injuries or death. Through monitoring and enforcing safety standards, Alberta Transportation aims to keep the province's highways safe for all road users.

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Commercial Vehicle Licensing
Alberta Transportation provides registration information for commercial carriers that are based in Alberta and travel out-of-province. Rather than obtaining and paying for more plates and registration in each jurisdiction, prorated fees are calculated by the percentage of total distance travelled within each jurisdiction.

Prorate (vehicle licensing for out-of-province travel)

Oversize/Overweight Permits
Alberta Transportation establishes maximum vehicle weight and dimension limits to preserve highway infrastructure and to ensure the safety of the travelling public. This includes legal limits for any registered vehicle for travel on any public road, as well as the provision for movement of oversize loads under permit.

General Information
Oversize/Overweight Policies (coming soon)
Road Restrictions / Road Bans
Seasonal Axle Weight Program
Escort Driver's Handbook (pdf)
TRAVIS Permit Application System
Notice to Manufacturers of Oversized Commodities (pdf)
Transportation of Modular Construction Components: pre-approval process (pdf)

For more information about dimension and weights contract Central Permit Office 1 800 662-7138 or

Central Permit Office Hours of Operation

Special Weight and Dimension Permits

For information about the requirements and conditions for special permit programs in Alberta, click on the links below:

Extended Length Vehicle
High Load Corridor
Log Haul Program
Steer Axle Specification (Spec) Sheets

Dangerous Goods Permits

For information on Dangerous Goods Permits for Equivalent Level of Safety, the application process and a description of precedent permits in use.