Over 130 Alberta approved farmers' markets are serving up some of the most nutritious, fresh, local products. Along most highways in Alberta, the Sunnygirl logo lets you know that there is an approved farmers' market nearby.

Alberta approved farmers' markets provide direct contact between consumers and producers. Consumers can talk to the person that grew the carrots, raised the chicken, baked the bread, produced the jam or knitted the sweater. Each approved farmers' market in Alberta is independently operated and therefore reflects the culture of the community.

Farmers' markets are a popular agri-tourism attraction in Alberta, providing a great shopping experience in a relaxed, interactive atmosphere. Shoppers spend an average of $70 per farmers' market visit and the total estimated market value of farmers' markets was $924 million in 2016. The future for farmers' markets in Alberta is very bright.

Program requirements

An Alberta approved farmers' market is approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and meets the requirements of the program guidelines, including:

  • sponsorship from a not-for-profit community group, local Chamber of Commerce, municipality or agricultural society or forming their own not-for profit society under the Societies Act
  • operating under the direction of an advisory body or board of directors
  • at least 80% of vendors are Albertans who make, bake or grow the products they sell; the remaining 20% may sell products that complement the market mix
  • operate for at least 10 days per year and for a minimum of 2 hours per market day
  • have at least one vendor meeting per year
  • have developed a set of rules which govern the operation of the market, and provide those to the Alberta Approved Farmers' Market Program and all market vendors
  • may not sell any used goods or flea market products
  • adhere to the administrative requirements of the program

All approved farmers’ markets complete annual reporting. The 2019 fact sheet provides summarized information on the markets, vendors and marketing tactics used by markets.

Approved farmers' markets are recognized in Part 3 of the Alberta Public Health Act Food Regulation.

Only Alberta approved farmers' markets can use the official Sunnygirl mark and can make arrangements to use the Sunnygirl logo on highway signage.


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