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Compassionate care leave

Employees may take up to 8 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to care for a gravely ill family member with a significant risk of death.

Employees under age of 18 standards

Restrictions, rights and responsibilities for employees under 18 years old.

Employment exception permit

Application to approve arrangements that differ from Alberta's employment standards.

Employment Standards Self-Assessment Tool

Use this online questionnaire to see if your business practices comply with Alberta’s Employment Standards laws.

File an employment standards complaint

How to report complaints of an employer not following Alberta's employment standards.

Holidays and holiday pay standards

Dates and definitions of holidays and eligibility for holiday pay in Alberta.

Hours of work and rest standards

Employees entitlement regarding hours or work, rest periods and days of rest.

Minimum wage changes

Alberta’s minimum wage will increase to $15/hour by 2018, a move towards a living wage for every Albertan.

Minimum wage standards

Information for employees regarding minimum wage standards associated with professions in Alberta.

Overtime hours and pay standards

Information on overtime hours and pay, including calculations and agreements.

Parental leave standards

Maternity and parental leave standards for the birth or adoption of a child.

Payment of earnings standards

Standards regarding pay periods, calculation and payment of wages for employees.

Reservists leave standards

Employees who are reservists are entitled to unpaid, job-protected leave of absence when deployed to an operation outside of Canada.

Termination of employment and termination pay standards

Rights and responsibilities for employees and employers regarding a worker terminating their employment and termination pay.

Training and resources on employment standards

Training courses, promotional material and other resources for employees and employers.

Vacation and vacation pay standards

Requirements for vacations and vacation pay for employees in Alberta