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Small Business Rebuilding Program

Businesses with 21 to 50 full time employees (FTE) are eligible for funding through this program. It complements these programs:

Note: Apply before December 31, 2013.


The eligibility criteria mirror the requirements for the Small Business DRP (PDF), but is specifically for businesses with 21 FTEs to a maximum of 50 FTEs.

The small business must also:

  • be a registered incorporation, partnership, joint venture or sole proprietor
  • has gross revenues less than $15 million
  • have been operating in the flood hazard zone at a valid address included in the flood hazard mapping and suffered direct damage from the flood

First Nation enterprises and self-employed contractors are eligible, if the business meets the eligibility requirements.

Local businesses that are part of a national chain are not eligible.

Not-for-profit organizations and agricultural producers have unique circumstances and their own DRP eligibility. These groups may be eligible under the Hand-up Program.

Coverage may include the following:

  • Reasonable fixed expenses incurred as a result of the disaster, including the following, are eligible for assistance for a reasonable period after the end of the disaster.
    • rental of office space and equipment
    • production equipment
    • rolling stock and facilities
  • Reasonable compensation paid by a business to its employees or to a contractor to clean a place of business and prepare it to re-open, including debris clean up, removal of hazardous material and waste disposal.
  • Costs related to commercially operated apartment buildings and roads servicing if they are part of an eligible small business.
  • Landscaping may be eligible if it is an essential element of the function of a facility such as a recreation facility, a botanical garden or a golf course.
  • If insurance coverage on small business buildings can only be purchased for up to a designated fraction of the appraised value of the building, some portion of the uninsured losses may be eligible.

How to apply

This program uses the same form as the DRP. You can mail in or fax your application. Include the following in your application package:

  • copy of government issued photo ID ie drivers license
  • copy of property tax assessment
  • letter from your insurance company detailing assistance, if any, that is being provided

Download the application

The Government of Alberta fully funds this program for small businesses affected by the June 2013 floods in southern Alberta and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. It is administered by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency.