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Important information for rebuilding in a floodway or flood fringe.

Every eligible home and small business owner with property damage from the 2013 floods will get financial support. Your eligibility may change if you are located in a floodway or flood fringe.

Floodway vs flood fringe

The floodway is the area where water is expected to rise and increase in velocity during a flood. This includes the river channel and adjacent overbank. During a flood, the water here is 1 m deep or greater and travels 1 m/s or faster.

The flood fringe is the land along the edges of the flood hazard area. It has relatively shallow water, less than 1 m deep, and slower velocities, less than 1 m/s.

Both of these make up the flood hazard area.

Flood Hazard Map

Rebuilding in a floodway

Rebuilding in floodways is discouraged. Development in these areas is generally not going to benefit from flood mitigation.

If you accept disaster recovery funds and your home is rebuilt in a floodway, you will not qualify for any future flood-related disaster assistance.

2013 Disaster Recovery Programs

Rebuilding in a flood fringe

You can receive disaster recovery funds if your home or small business is in a flood fringe. If the cost of repairs is higher than the cost to rebuild to a basic construction standard, DRP will authorize a rebuild.

2013 Disaster Recovery Programs