The Libraries Act is legislation that defines a governance structure and allows for the incorporation of library boards. The Libraries Regulation set out required business practices for library boards.

The Public Library Network Policy states that the province has established and sustains a network that connects public libraries, to ensure access to resources and services for Albertans. The policy includes principles that govern the network, and defines roles for network participants.

The Resource Sharing Operational Policy for Public Libraries governs how libraries may borrow and lend resources in cooperation with other libraries.

The SuperNet Operational Policy sets out the conditions under which the province will subsidize SuperNet connectivity for public libraries.

The Collaborative Library Policy enables and encourages collaboration between publicly funded libraries (e.g. public libraries, academic libraries and government libraries), enhancing service delivery to Albertans.

The Electronic Resources Operational Policy sets out the principles and guidelines to enable equitable, centrally acquired electronic resources.

The Library Service for People with Print Disabilities Operational Policy establishes principles and guidelines for the effective selection of resources to help support Alberta public libraries serve patrons with print disabilities.