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Rebuilding or relocating homes

Following the 2013 floods, Albertans will receive support for rebuilding their homes, including relocating out of floodways.

All eligible homeowners with flood damage will receive financial support. The Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) will give financial help to Albertans whose homes were damaged in the 2013 floods.

Albertans whose homes were in a floodway or flood fringe have the choice of rebuilding their homes or relocating. The Floodway Relocation Program will help Albertans decide what to do with their property.

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Vacant homes

Avoid entering vacant homes, as they may contain harmful mould and may be structurally unsound.

The Government of Alberta will take possession of vacant homes as soon as the title is transferred. The government can delay taking title and possession to accommodate an owner's schedule. The deadline to transfer title and possession to the government is July 31, 2015.

Homes bought through the Floodway Relocation Program will be inspected to determine their condition. Based on the inspection, homes will either be removed or demolished.

If a home has to be removed, properties will be returned to a landscaped area once the homes are removed. The land will be maintained according to municipal bylaws and standards.

Homes and materials that can be salvaged will be available for sale to the public. The government is developing the process for sales of homes and material. Buyers will be responsible for removing the home from the property at their own expense.

Updated Nov 10, 2014