Position profile: Senior Analyst

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  • Job Title: Senior Analyst
  • Work Unit: Energy Policy Division, Projects and Initiatives Advisory Office, Projects and Initiatives Unit
  • Ministry: Alberta Energy
  • Competition Number: 1056144


Reporting to the Executive Director of Projects and Initiatives, the Senior Analyst leads the planning and project management related to Energy’s priority initiatives. This involves working with program areas within Energy and across the Government of Alberta (GoA) to develop strategies and project plans to guide strategic initiatives and issues toward a defined outcome.

The Senior Analyst provides stakeholder engagement expertise, as Energy initiatives require the input of stakeholders within and external to government. The Senior Analyst plays a critical role in stakeholder identification; impact analysis; and engagement tactics. The incumbent also leads the organization of government-industry meetings, which may include the Premier, Ministers, and industry CEOs.

In addition, the Senior Analyst also supports strong cross-ministry communication and good governance for Energy initiatives. This includes creating, implementing, and using tools to report on progress of activities and providing secretariat support to governance tables within the GoA to ensure timely decisions are made to keep projects on track.

Energy initiatives are boundary-spanning endeavors that intend to achieve three interrelated goals:

  • Achieve strategic intent or vision
  • Provide benefits to and significantly impact stakeholders
  • Transform the organization

Strategic initiatives are tools for turning a vision into results.  Energy initiatives are identified yearly through the corporate strategic planning process and may also emerge during the fiscal year.

Responsibilities and Activities

Lead the planning and project management activities related to Energy’s projects and initiatives.

  • Create strategies and project plans to guide strategic initiatives and issues toward a defined outcome.
  • Consult with program areas and other ministries to develop strategies and project plans, including assigned initiatives and projects identified through foresight and environmental scanning exercises.
  • As project manager, assign tasks and deadlines to project team and follow up to ensure work is tracking as planned.
  • Review plans for potential gaps and opportunities on a regular basis, and bring forward recommendations.
  • Assist with the production of briefing materials for the Premier, Minister, Executive Council, and other senior officials, related to strategic initiatives and issues.

Coordinate/communicate strategic initiative activities across departments and within Energy.

  • Conduct internal stakeholder analysis to determine ministries and work teams that are connected or impacted by the issue/strategic initiative.
  • Liaise with Energy program areas and other ministries to share information about strategic initiatives and to create opportunities for feedback and input.
  • Coordinate input from other teams and ministries, including synthesis of information, summarizing, re-writing, and/or editing material as necessary.
  • Create tools to report on progress of activities to implement strategic initiatives across government.

Support good governance for Energy’s projects and initiatives

  • Leverage research, foresight, and relationships to structure timely governance discussions.
  • Develop agendas and meeting materials that support key governance committees.
  • Draft meeting packages for Deputy Minister of Executive Council reports and Minister-Deputy Minister meetings.
  • Provide secretariat support to senior leader working groups, Ministerial panels, and project task forces, etc.

Support and coordinate stakeholder engagement related to strategic initiatives.

  • Identify stakeholders for Energy Projects and initiatives.
  • Provide stakeholder engagement expertise and advice related to Energy’s initiatives.
  • Lead the project management and logistics for government-industry meetings.
  • Collaborate with content leads to provide input into stakeholder meetings.
  • Attend and support meetings with industry and other governments.


The Senior Analyst operates in a dynamic and complex environment involving multiple ministries, governments, and industry stakeholders. This position demands a high attention to detail, strong organizational and planning skills, and an ability to prioritize and deliver on multiple ongoing projects. 

The Senior Analyst must:

  • Operate in an environment of ambiguity. Roles, responsibilities, process, and deliverables are often fluid and left to project teams to determine for themselves.
  • Coordinate strategic initiatives and issues without knowledge or necessarily previous exposure to the policy area or focus.
  • The Senior Analyst performs a highly collaborative role, interacting with staff at all levels, and ensuring that input from all applicable areas of government is presented within planning documents in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.
  • Information reported must be analyzed and reviewed to ensure that division/ministry perspectives are reflected in planning documents.
  • Issues are diverse, complex, and politically sensitive, with this position expected to demonstrate discretion and political acumen.
  • Deliver high quality work in very short timeframes. Quality and accuracy is critical, given that plans and reports are presented to the Premier’s Office, Executive Council, and in some cases, the public.
  • Have the ability to lead and support large, high profile projects, as strategic initiatives are often at the forefront of Deputy Minister, Minister, and Executive Council priorities.
  • Demonstrate exceptional agility, as the Senior Analyst is required to shift focus on a daily - or even hourly - basis, due to the issues management nature of the work.
  • Lead and support cross-government coordination and external stakeholder engagement involving industry executives and senior government leaders. Due to this senior level of participation, the tolerance for risk and error is extremely low and requires plans to reduce risk and ensure quality.
  • Lead project team work and accomplish results through others without having positional authority.
  • Integrate stakeholder perspectives and priorities with those of the provincial governments to provide advice and recommendations to senior management of Energy and other government ministries.
  • Conduct stakeholder research and analysis of stakeholder groups and/or companies in order to develop comprehensive briefing materials for meetings, as well as to integrate their concerns into Alberta’s strategic position.
  • Initiate, plan, organize and implement projects based on high-level direction and the intended outcome.
  • Lead or conduct research on various topics while incorporating a clear understanding of issues sensitivities and the overall impact of recommendations, ensuring that the Minister and senior management are appropriately advised.
  • This position is delegated considerable independence to determine priorities and areas of focus, exercising judgment when coordinating the development and production of project plans and strategies and prioritizing multiple responsibilities to meet deadlines.
  • Creativity and judgment are required to develop and present planning information in a manner appropriate for a variety of audiences.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

University graduation in a related field plus 4 years progressively responsible related experience; or equivalent as described below.

Equivalency:  Directly related education or experience considered on the basis of:

  • 1 year of education for 1 year of experience; or
  • 1 year of experience for 1 year of education.


  • Stakeholder relations and stakeholder engagement expertise. This position will provide expert advice, options, and recommendations on how to identify and engage target audiences within and external to government. Robust stakeholder engagement strategies are key underpinning elements of strategic initiatives and issues led by the branch.
  • Knowledge of policy, planning and decision-making processes in large and complex organizations, as a key function of the position and branch is navigating organizational systems and structures to get timely decisions to move projects forward efficiently. 
  • Provincial priorities and emerging issues. Strategic initiatives will typically either focus or be related to these priorities/issues.
  • Familiarity with research theories and methods, including organizational evaluation, project management approaches, and information/data management and security.
  • Broad understanding of North American trade relations and current North American economic and political dynamics.


  • Self-directed with the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others to achieve timely and quality outputs.
  • Ability to work strategically and simultaneously work on a wide variety of issues, mobilize resources and find innovative solutions to complex issues and problems.
  • Excellent interpersonal and team skills with the ability to lead/coordinate activities, foster trust, and achieve the desired ends.
  • Ability to understand the interests and priorities of various stakeholders and to provide deliverables that will be acceptable to all parties involved.
  • Willingness and ability (adaptability and flexibility) to thrive in an environment characterized by varying degrees of unpredictability, frequent change, sensitive issues and important and/or urgent assignments.
  • Well-developed:
    • Planning and project management skills
    • Listening, verbal and written communication skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Conceptual and creative problem solving skills
    • Research and investigation skills
    • Evaluative, analytical, integrative and synthesizing skills
    • Consulting and advisory skills


  • Developing and delivering stakeholder engagement plans
  • Providing strategic stakeholder relations advice to decision makers.
  • Policy development and planning.
  • Project management experience, including setting and meeting timelines, and delivering results.
  • Proven ability to establish positive working relationships with a broad variety of clients and demonstrated success in managing complex issues within short timelines.
  • Managing information flows to ensure decision-makers have timely access to information.
  • Ability to perform effectively on and with a variety of project teams, and with many stakeholders, dealing with highly complex issues and interrelationships.
  • Leading planning sessions, writing project charters, and establishing outcomes and measurements.
  • Experience with databases search techniques and with computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, SharePoint, Visio, and PowerPoint and ability to prepare documents with charts and graphs.
  • Conducting research, analysis, and environmental scanning, and developing strategy documents in response to issues.


  • Post-secondary degree(s) in public administration, business, economics, political science, international relations, or a related discipline.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact
Strategic Planning and Initiatives Branch Daily Provide support, advice, recommendations and contribute to successful work product delivery.
Assistant Deputy Ministers’ Offices Bi-Weekly Ad hoc and planned discussion/coordination of inputs into and recommendations for governance updates (e.g. DMEC/MDM).
Energy staff Weekly Works collaboratively on joint work products.
Other divisions within Energy Weekly Works collaboratively to gather information and data on joint work products.
Business units within the departments of Energy, Environment and Parks, Alberta Climate Change Office, Agriculture and Forestry, Labour and Advanced Education Monthly Leads and supports the development, coordination and implementation of Energy’s projects initiatives.
Alberta industry As required Stakeholder engagement plan implementation. Provide/receive information related to strategic initiatives.
Working Group/Roundtables As required On site support to senior government leaders, the Executive Director and Senior Manager in running the meeting.

Supervision Exercised

  • No supervisory responsibilities for this position.

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