Position profile: Administrative Assistant - Child Intervention

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  • Job Title: Administrative Assistant - Child Intervention
  • Work Unit: Various Locations, Calgary Region
  • Ministry: Alberta Children's Services
  • Competition Number: 1055960


As an integral part of the site/area delivery team, the Administrative Support position is responsible for delivering a wide variety of administrative services for all areas of delivery for Alberta Children's Services program within the urban and rural settings of the Calgary Region. This position manages the client's first interaction, be that in person, or over the telephone or through a third party such as a community agency, institutions, employers or other department.

On a daily basis, duties include, but are not limited to: reception duties, explaining and interpreting application process for the Children's Services programs/services, providing complete and accurate , information, documents and other related services external/internal stakeholders such as clients, vendors, other government departments other agencies and the general public, switchboard and unit telephone duties, typing, formatting and producing correspondence, photocopying, faxing, shredding, data and file transmission functions, creating new files, processing file transfers, archiving files, word processing, ,filing processing cheques and vouchers and other related administrative responsibilities as assigned within the team environment. The incumbent also deals with the receipt and disbursement of documents, and the recording and security procedures associated with these including releasing client benefits as approved by program staff.

The administrative support staff is crossed trained in all areas and able to rotate from unit to unit and area to area depending on office/unit need and the client demand. Administrative staff is also cross-trained to provide back up support to overall operations such as cheque production, reconciliation and IMAGIS payment processing.

The Administrative Support must demonstrate effective communication skills to personally explain and interpret the process for applying for Income Support or other Children's Services programs and services on a daily basis. This position is also responsible assessing client need and either addressing that concern, or efficiently referring clients to an internal or external resource that can address their stated need. They must also display tact and judgment as they respond to persons in crisis and must relate effectively to persons with significant developmental, mental health or social barriers.

By ensuring the efficient operation of the reception area and by helping to create an environment consistent with departmental culture, client's satisfaction with departmental programs and services is enhanced.

Responsibilities and Activities

Reception/public response by telephone. Ensures, consistency with departmental guiding principles and the regional operational plan that clients are received in a welcoming, professional manner and are given accurate information about Alberta Children's Services, People and Workplace programs and services, to support them in making informed choices around accessing those programs and services. Makes appropriate referrals to where clients can be assisted with becoming self-sufficient and/or with financial supports.


  • Ensures walk-in clients and/or telephone enquiries are responded to promptly, in a courteous and helpful manner in accordance with the APS values, and working knowledge of Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry and People and Workplace programs and services and the Income Employment Act, Regulations and policies.
  • Responds to Albertans general inquiries as to departmental programs and services, policies and procedures with accurate and adequate information.
  • Clarify basic program eligibility requirements associated with Income support and requirements associated with Children's Services programs and services.
  • De-escalates individuals in crisis, pending follow-up by appropriate resource.
  • Acknowledges possible crises; implementing appropriate office safety procedures.
  • Provides client with contact and referral information for internal and external programs and services agencies or departments of government to address client's stated need.
  • Communicate needs to workers, and assess situation for qualification for emergency stand by appointment. Use office protocols and guidelines and an initial assessment to prioritize client need when booking client as an emergency or regular appointment.
  • Maintain appointment system for front-end services. Advises staff when Albertans arrive for appointments.
  • Routinely handles complaints and concerns.
  • Deals with the receipt and disbursement of documents and ensures security procedures associated with these. Reviews documents for completeness and accuracy.
  • Disseminates general information and/or distributes application forms for income support programs such as appeal forms, intake packages, and medical forms, etc. Reviews required documents with client and determine which documents client must complete according to their circumstances and program.
  • Answer phone inquiries from clients regarding Alberta Works Income Support cheques, appointments, and general program policy and procedures & documents interactions on LISA.
  • Responds to enquiries or concerns in relation to the provision of service to Learners and repayment process.
  • Answer emergency calls from clients and uses judgment and knowledge of policy to redirect calls to appropriate person & documents interactions on LISA. Responds to enquiries promptly to clear the lines, taking accurate messages and phone numbers soliciting sufficient information to determine degree of urgency and risk.
  • Provide information to client and vendors |such as pharmacies, doctors' offices|, which includes policies and procedures, dealing with emergent call and directing and redirecting callers to appropriate workers.
  • Ensures ongoing availability of up to date materials, forms and brochures/pamphlets and other required information as required within the LMIC/Reception/Unit. Apprises appropriate personnel of material and supplies requirements.
  • Keeps a supply of Alberta Health/Blue Cross forms, Child Tax Credit, Alberta Child Health Benefits packages for the site.
  • End result in the public, clients and stakeholders receive accurate information and timely service and is managed.

Guided by a thorough knowledge of the department's mandate, culture and operational plans, respectfully and efficiently solicits client information in order to direct client to an appropriate secondary contact either within the department or outside the department. This promotes the efficient use of internal resources and satisfactorily addresses the client's initial request.


  • Determines client's needs by posing a series of questions in order to refer to the appropriate services.
  • Refers to Federal and Provincial government services i.e. Canada Alberta Service Centre.
  • Provides client with contact and referral information for internal and external programs and services to address client's stated need.
  • Directs the public to other organizations, agencies or government departments depending on their needs.
  • Refers clients requiring more information to the appropriate worker.
  • Remains up to date and aware of all programs and services offered at the various delivery worksites.

Collects and enters data, as per management directive and departmental policy and procedures, to support the provision of efficient and timely service to clients and the assessment of operational needs and goals.


  • Enters relevant data accurately on daily basis into electronic information database and searches electronic database to determine client status. Requires familiarity with some or all of the following: Central Client Directory, LISA, Appeals Information System, Excel, Microsoft Word, Outlook Express, CAIS, Recoveries and IMAGIS.
  • Using departmental information systems (LISA, CAIS, CCD etc.), responds to client inquiries as to the status of their income support payments.
  • Data entry- to update system, responses to client interactions.
  • Inter-departmental inquiries (i.e. performs electronic file transfers within the prescribed policy and procedures for IS (function 14).
  • Maintains relevant Bring forward systems.
  • Makes up paper files according to standard procedures. Tracks previous volumes and requests from owning offices.
  • Utilizes Web AOB to obtain information on client's El.
  • End result is that the Ministry's database remains accurate to facilitate prompt client service and maintenance of tracking systems for program effectiveness and efficiency.

Performs a variety of administrative functions within office policies and procedures to assist co-workers and supervisors to meet administrative functions within office policies and procedures to assist co-workers and supervisors to meet operational requirements and to maximize efficiency of efficiency of operations.


  • Assists clients with filling out forms and applications when appropriate.
  • Reviewing applications and provide clarification and information regarding eligibility, booking for IS applications, distributing cheques, vouchers, client reporting cards for pick up, downloading of electronic files, (function 14, and 20), and doing Employment Insurance print outs for workers .
  • Assists Albertans/ Children's Services delivery staff with photocopying and faxing documents.
  • Accepts, logs and processes incoming payments from Albertans (cash handling).
  • Performs electronic file transfers within prescribed policy and procedures for IS, AISH and Child Support files.
  • Type's documents letters, memos medical reports, cheques and vouchers and reports using a variety of standard formats.
  • Manages Ministry program files from point of application to closure, ensuring compliance with Records Management System standards. (Creates new files, splits files and maintains files in good order).
  • Maintains a system for archiving of files and other related matters according to the Departmental Records Management system.
  • Monitor and document information received on closed files to ensure that it is dealt with by the appropriate person - filed if information, given to worker if response is required, etc.
  • Photocopies and faxes documents when requested.
  • Takes and distributes minutes, ensuring accurate record of meetings is maintained.
  • Participates in work unit meetings where required.
  • Maintain office supplies and forms; confirm records of goods received.
  • Sign on to El system and print El reports for staff as requested.
  • Receives/distributes incoming and outgoing mail for the work unit.
  • (Internal and external) according to our Records and Information Management Policies and Procedures.
  • Authorizes taxi and bus transportation for clients on direction of worker.
  • Releases bus tickets to clients as directed by delivery staff.
  • Responsible for the disposition, inventory and archival of files.
  • Completes file audits and monthly closures.
  • Ensures office supplies are maintained, stored and restocked as required.
  • Arrange for the order of supplies and forms for the ongoing operations of the office.
  • End result is delivery staff and clients are supported through an efficient and effective administrative support system where all team members work cooperatively to achieve desired outcomes in accordance with legislation, Regulations, Ministry Business Plan and Regional/ Operational requirements.

Finance and Accounts Payable


  • Processes District Office Cheques and vouchers according to standard policies and procedures, ensuring that security of financial documents is maintained at all times. Completes duties as first signatory on cheques as per policy, after receiving cheques, reviews cheque for accuracy, adherence to procedures - period of assistance, hold for documents, etc. and obtain authorized signatures for distribution to clients.
  • Sort and distribute to clients verifying appropriate identification and signature prior to releasing to the client.
  • Releases cheques and bus tickets to Albertans, ensuring identification verification.
  • Record all cheques on cash blotter and ensure that pick-up slips are completed in full.
  • Authorize prescriptions for clients with direction of worker, completes 1976 and mails to vendor.
  • Authorize taxi transportation for clients with direction of worker, completes necessary documentation and mails to vendor.
  • Accept recovery payments and overpayments from clients. Agencies and individuals (LISA and CCD research. Recoveries system and SF systems to confirm accuracy).
  • Completion of a receipt for the client and entry to cash blotter.
  • Processing of invoices through IMAGIS for payment, as required.
  • Back up support to overall operations such as cheque production and reconciliation.

Within the guidelines provided in the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, the Act, and the Income and Employment Act, Program Policies and Procedures, responds to individual client requests for confidential information and assistance to ensure that clients receive service as quickly as possible.


  • Determines how best to serve the client with no specific program or service in mind by providing first level program eligibility information, eligibility criteria, process to access programs or services and workshop schedule as required.
  • Listens to and questions clients to determine appropriateness of departmental programs and services.
  • Uses departmental information systems, responds to client inquiries as to the status of their income support.
  • Reviews client information for accuracy, assists clients in the completion of their forms, and ensures supporting documentation is attached.


Position operates within the boundaries of the act, regulations and policy, associated with the department of Alberta Children's Services displaying considerable independence in responding to public enquiries and in assessing risk and urgency. Must be able to identify a crisis and be fully prepared to act accordingly as well as the assessment of need for immediate services as the first point of contact in meeting the basic needs for clients.

This role is responsible for portraying the department in a competent courteous manner to a diverse range and high volume of Albertans.  Albertans include but are not exclusive to the following groups: Individuals seeking income support or guidance with career/employment issues, community agencies, businesses, training institutions and other government departments, individual Persons with Disabilities, contracted service providers, specialized assessment services, employers, education and training institutions. Although the level of interaction may vary, services are provided to all Albertans accessing our worksites.

This position responds to a variety of inquiries from a wide cross section of individuals and community stakeholders and need to communicate effectively to make appropriate referrals. This role must have a comprehensive knowledge of all contracted agencies and knowledge of the referral processes to access both these services As well, this person needs basic knowledge of the various community agencies, for the purposes of referral. This person will have a sound knowledge of the organizational structure of the department and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of other staff such as, SFSC'S, Career and Employment Consultants, Child Support Workers, Contract Services Coordinators, Managers and Administrative personnel. The ability to communicate accurate information either in person or via the telephone within the worksite and to the public is vital and must be demonstrated with knowledge, sensitivity, and diplomacy.

The administrative staff must employ tact's sensitivity and good judgement in interactions with both internal and external contacts and must be able to manage diverse responsibilities and tasks governed by differing program policies and guidelines. Albertans may also present as hostile, demanding and have mental illnesses, cognitive difficulties or substance abuse issues that make communication difficult.

There is a high volume of contact with clients, client advocates, other government offices and private agencies. Ongoing awareness of the confidential information is important, and the process outlined in FIOP, Security, and Code of Conduct Oath is important.

The incumbent is expected to bring forward ideas for continuous improvement in administrative procedures.  Processes are often adjusted as the Alberta Children's Services program is delivered in a dynamic and continuously changing environment. The incumbent must be able to manage diverse duties and to quickly acquire knowledge and skill to respond to changing requirements of the position as new processes/systems are implemented.

Given the diverse work demands, the incumbent must display strong organizational skills and judgment to ensure all key responsibility areas are addressed. Up to date and accurate records management is essential to ensure the worker has all level of details when making an assessment on client eligibility Accuracy is critical to support clients in the receipt of timely services and benefits. Creativity is demonstrated in responding to persistent callers efficiently and with respect.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A working knowledge of Children's Services Programs and Services including application procedures and eligibility criteria.
  • Knowledge of FIOP and IQAS.
  • Basic knowledge of other community resources and agencies.
  • Excellent working knowledge of several of departmental IT systems. These includes but is not limited to the following: as LISA, CCD CAIS ALIS and software application (i.e. Windows, Excel, MSWord, Outlook Express Email, and Internet, as per operational requirements.
  • Ability to operate and trouble shoot office telecommunication systems and standard office equipment (telephone. Fax machine, photocopier, and scanner).
  • Computer literacy skills to perform basic troubleshooting functions for hardware and software difficulties.
  • Strong keyboarding, word processing, and data entry skills.
  • Full working knowledge of office procedures.
  • Knowledge of Business and Operational Plan and how this position contributes to the overall goals of the department and government.
  • Good communication skills are essential for both in person and telephone interaction. Deals with confidential / sensitive / difficult situations and makes appropriate referrals.
  • Ability to use sound judgement to make decisions after employing good questioning skills to gather adequate information.
  • Ability to deal with difficult people, exercising tact and diplomacy and ability to resolve conflict in a constructive manner.
  • Ability to work independently and/or as a team player as required.
  • Strong organization skills are required, which includes the ability to work with minimal supervision to be self-directed, to take initiative without direction, and to use time efficiently by effectively prioritizing work.
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Ability to adapt to new policy, procedures and presenting situations on a regular basis for clients, collaterals and other advocates.
  • Through knowledge of workplace health and safety competencies to obtain and maintain COR.


The front line contact. Extensive contact with, all Albertans as the first point of contact representing the Ministry program and services, departments, vendors, clients, etc. The position deals with distressed and, at times, difficult Albertans. As stated above, the incumbent(s) require a sound knowledge of policies/procedures in the Ministry's Program delivery, records management, dealing with difficult people and financial procedures.

This position maintains effective working relationships with a diverse range of individuals from both inside and outside the department.

External: All Albertans, clients, community agencies, employers, learning institutions, vendors & other government departments, etc.

Internal: EISA'S, CEC'S, Regional Support staff, Workshop facilitators, Managers, HQ staff, other Area Office Staff, Regional Office Regional Operations Coordinator and administrative personnel.

Purpose: Responsible for exchange of information, information sharing, inquiries, re-direction, and advice, etc., fielding complaints and inquiries from clients/landlords/public, authorizing expenditures over the telephone or in person and redirecting them to the appropriate staff/unit/department or agency.

Supervision Exercised

  • N/A

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