Position profile: Unit Hub Administrator

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  • Job Title: Unit Hub Administrator
  • Work Unit: Fish and Wildlife Enforcement/Central Region
  • Ministry: Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
  • Competition Number: 1055529
  • Closing Date: September 19, 2019


This position is the front line contact for Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch District offices. This position provides program delivery to the public, office support to enforcement staff and is responsible for the administrative functions of the office. This position frequently operates within the District in absence of officers. Duties include: providing /obtaining information, explaining policies and procedures, dealing with public complaints and issues. Further, this role coordinates and prepares court documents, conducts RELMS checks for officers, enters occurrence-reporting data, orders office supplies and oversees the mail and records management.

Responsibilities and Activities

As a frontline representative of the Branch, this position provides timely and accurate information to the public and stakeholders by explaining policies, procedures, acts and/or regulations on hunting, fishing, trapping, some licenses and permits, injured and diseased wildlife, wildlife damage, aboriginal hunting and fishing. This position is required to follow through on inquiries, requests, and complaints:
  • Provide contact information to the public on federal, provincial and municipal programs relating to/overlapping with fish and wildlife (e.g. Federal government, Agricultural, Transportation, Environment and Parks (EAP). Municipal Districts and local bylaw enforcement).
  • Accurately records information relating to suspected illegal hunting, fishing and public lands activities and forward to FWEB officers.
  • Conducts independent research to facilitate accurate responses to Branch inquiries and requests.
  • Responsible for scheduling, supervising, and marking written violator exams and ensuring results of tests meet legislated standards and are promptly and accurately entered in to ENFOR.
  • Ability to obtain appointment of Commissioner for Oaths.
  • Ensure current legislation material for the District (e.g. brochures, Alberta Hunting Regulations) available for distribution.
Provide support to enforcement staff:
  • Respond to public complaints by collecting, recording and processing information ensuring information is electronically logged and updated on the Branch's occurrence reporting system.
  • Ensure detailed complain information is obtained from anonymous callers and if it relates to illegal hunting or fishing, the caller shall be assigned a report-a-poacher (RAP) number.
  • Assist with investigative files by searching files, RELMS and other databases for information.
  • Prepare a variety of court documents including prosecution reports, long information, and affidavits of seizures, search warrants and subpoenas.
  • Monitor court dates and compile and submit supporting legal documents for court purposes to provincial and federal prosecution offices.
  • Monitor and update information received from provincial court to maintain District prosecution files.
  • Assist with court briefs/liaison with court clerks and crown prosecutors.
  • Prepare violator suspension letters. Ensure violator in formation is entered on EN FOR and submitted to HQ so RELMS can be updated to reflect suspensions.
  • Act as a commissioner for oaths for violation tickets and affidavits of service.
  • Issued / recalled warrants are reported immediately via SOCC to ensure accuracy of the CPIC system.
  • Ensure disposal of seizures upon completion of prosecution files.
Authorizes and issues licenses relating to:
  • Found Dead Wildlife (FDW)
  • Transfer of FDW
  • Wildlife for sale
  • Birds of prey/feather requests
  • Damage control licenses
  • Complete compulsory registration for various wildlife
Provides assistance with delivery of problem wildlife program:
  • Receives complaints and inquiries on wildlife diseases and redirects to EAP.
  • Arranges with district officer or RCMP to euthanize injured animals.
  • Using Branch information/literature (e.g. problem wildlife decision trees) to relay information and advice to the public on problem wildlife and redirects complaint s to fish and wildlife officers when necessary.
Coordinate and deliver administrative support services as required for the district:
  • Reconcile ARI vehicle activity reports and fuel maintenance receipts monthly.


This position may be the sole administrative support for multiple Districts. There are countless stakeholders within each District. This position responds to a diverse number or inquiries, request and complaints. Accurate information is crucial for providing good public service. The public expects timely responses to their inquiries, which requires specific knowledge (departmental and regulatory), creativity and quick-thinking to resolve issues and complaints. All administration of court and enforcement documents is the responsibility of the District administrative support position. This position must receive, record and accurately forward confidential information involving provincial court and police services. This position may encounter stressful situations, disgruntled or agitated clients: strong communication skills are required when dealing with such individuals, often being the only Branch representative in the office. This position demands working independently, multi-tasking and the ability to prioritize to maintain day-to-day activities.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Working knowledge of all applicable departmental legislation, regulations and policies and procedures related to hunting, fishing, trapping, and big game registration processes.
  • Knowledge of a variety of administrative functions to support the office (e.g. customer support, directing calls).
  • Working knowledge of computer applications: (e.g. Outlook, Excel, Word, ENFOR, JOIN, Active Works (RELMS), LIS, Exclaim, MyAgent, SharePoint, PowerDMS).
  • Knowledge of court procedures, district geography, and Wildlife Management units.
  • Excellent communication and public relations kills to deal with the public, often delivering unpopular information.
  • Ability to make sound judgements and resolve problems.
  • Ability to recognize sensitive issues and situations that require immediate attention.
  • Accurately receive information relating to suspected illegal activities.
  • Ability to work in dependently.
  • Exhibit tact and professionalism while dealing with a wide variety of clients.


  • Considerable contact with the public regarding permits, complaints and information.
  • Contact with judicial clerks, crown prosecutors, police agencies, Canadian Wildlife Services, various Government of Alberta Ministries, and other agencies to provide and request information.

Supervision Exercised

  • Not applicable

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