Position profile: Diploma Exam Lead, Français/French Language Arts 30-1

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  • Job Title: Diploma Exam Lead, Français/French Language Arts 30-1
  • Work Unit: System Excellence, Provincial Assessment Sector, French Assessment Branch
  • Ministry: Alberta Education
  • Competition Number: 1055290
  • Closing Date: August 19, 2019


The Diploma Exam Lead, Français and French Language Arts 30-1 is accountable for managing the design, development, marking, and reporting processes for the Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 diploma exams and ensures that all diploma exams reflect appropriate assessment standards and sound processes and practices. The Français 30-1 and the French Language Arts 30-1 diploma exams are offered in three administrations each school year. A written-response component specific at each subject is also part of both Diploma Exams. The Diploma Exam Lead, Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1, is also responsible for overseeing the budget for the Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 diploma exam program.

The Diploma Exam Lead, Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 works alongside a seconded teacher (Examiner) and works with psychometricians in the Analytics Branch to coordinate the communication of results of diploma exams, to develop reports, and to provide advice regarding sound student assessment practices to teachers, school authority administrators, and Ministry staff. The Diploma Exam Lead, Français and French Language Arts 30-1 manages complex teams of teachers who are selected for diploma exam development and validation committees and also manages the central marking of written response questions from diploma exams. The central marking of Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 diploma exams involve marking on weekends after the administration of the diploma exam in January, June and August.

The position must be well connected with, and a leader, to the education community to stay informed of the issues, transfer assessment knowledge, and to stay apprised of current research in large-scale assessment, including online administration of these assessments.

Responsibilities and Activities

  1. Produce high-quality, valid and reliable diploma exams to ensure fairness to students by:
    • Developing and confirming assessment standards and blueprints that reflect the Program of Studies, through collaboration with Ministry colleagues and in consultation with clients, stakeholders, and partners;
    • Collaborating with psychometricians to ensure that psychometric principles and guidelines have been applied to questions on field tests and diploma exams are to ensure that all development and marking processes meet psychometric principles and guidelines and ensure fairness to students;
    • Chairing technical advisory committee meetings to scrutinize diploma exams prior to production;
    • Collaborating with members of the Document Production Unit to ensure that all field tests, diploma exams and support documents, such as Information Bulletins, Assessment Standards, and Guides for Students, meet standards of quality for document format and language;
    • Collaborating with members of the Special Cases Unit to ensure that documents are provided for conversion to special formats as needed;
    • Developing and managing written response marking and scoring processes that ensure fairness to students and reliability and validity of results;
    • Mentoring and working closely with an Examiner in all aspects of the development of high-quality field tests each school year to ensure that enough questions are available to build the required number of diploma exams on an ongoing basis.
  2. Provide professional development to education stakeholders by:
    • Providing presentation and workshops (as required) that communicate reliable and valid assessment techniques and standards to support diploma exams;
    • Providing presentations and advice (as required) to teachers, school administrators, and school authority leaders regarding interpretation of diploma exam results so that they can be used for school, school authority, and program planning.
  3. Manage the team and contribute to the operations of the French Assessment and Diploma Programs branches by:
    • Leading and effectively managing team operations to ensure outcomes are delivered in accordance with business and operational plans;
    • Providing the Director with advice and recommendations on emerging issues, opportunities and challenges;
    • Managing a budget that provides for contracts and all other expenses associated with diploma exam development, scoring and marking sessions, and related activities, including marking of written-responses three times per school year.
  4. Actively work with school authorities and teachers by:
    • Recruiting and training teachers in the construction of field test questions that reflect appropriate assessment standards and design;
    • Building teacher capacity in assessing the programs of study by releasing diploma exam questions and providing support documents that explain the assessment standards;
    • Ensuring data generated from diploma exams is accurate, as it is used during annual departmental results reviews and in Alberta Education’s Annual Report.
  5. Collaborate with staff from other sectors and branches of the ministry on evolving provincial assessment programs when new Programs of Study are implemented.


The Diploma Exam Lead, Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 provides a significant contribution to the maintenance of high educational standards that ensure fairness to students and to the communication of these standards to clients and stakeholders. This is done through the design and development of diploma exams, through accurate and meaningful reporting of the results of diploma exams and through consultation with other branches of Alberta Education and with external clients, stakeholders, and partners.

The main clients of the Provincial Assessment Sector are students. Students depend on high quality, valid, and reliable diploma exams in contributing to the success of their educational experience. Teachers interpret diploma exam results to help develop and maintain assessment standards in their classrooms. School authorities use diploma exam results to help set improvement targets. Post-secondary institutions and the public use their understanding of the diploma exams to monitor the standards being set for Alberta students.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The Diploma Exam Lead, Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 requires extensive knowledge of:

  • The specific subject or program area of responsibility, including a thorough understanding of its philosophy, history, classic and modern French literature and current research findings;
  • The recognized current theories, principles, and processes for developing, scoring, marking, and reporting the results of large-scale assessment instruments, including extensive knowledge of question development principles and the ability to apply that knowledge to the diploma exam development process;
  • Item analyses and the ability to interpret the information from item analyses to select questions for inclusion on diploma exams;
  • Ministry goals and policies that relate to large-scale student assessment;
  • Structures and policies of school authorities with respect to provincial assurance systems and teachers’ participation in such tasks as diploma exam development, validation, and marking;
  • The administrative structures and contact persons for school authorities, stakeholder organizations, post-secondary institutions, and business and community partners;
  • Information technology capabilities, including emerging applications and technologies for building and administering online assessments and for file management, budget management, and question banking.

The Diploma Exam Lead, Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 works with a broad framework of policies to manage the diploma exam development process. The terms of reference include:

  • The School Act and the Guide to Education, K-12
  • Student Evaluation Regulation, Alberta Regulation AR 177/2003
  • Principles for Fair Student Assessment Practices for Education in Canada
  • Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act (FOIPP)
  • The Diploma Exam General Information Bulletin

Leadership and Business Know-How

  • Strong decision making skills and accountability resulting in the creative and innovative development of high quality diploma exams for Alberta students.
  • Extensive leadership skills to train teachers in preparing provincial assessment instruments that reflect the Programs of Study expectations.
  • Strong coordination and leadership skills to carry out work in a complex divisional organization and to chair advisory, development and validation committees as well as successfully operating marking sessions.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in French.
  • The Diploma Exam Lead, Français 30-1 and French Language Arts 30-1 is recognized by school administrators, teachers, and stakeholders as a leader in a particular subject. He or she must exercise leadership when providing workshops in provincial assessment and results interpretations to teachers and school and school authority leaders.
  • A thorough knowledge of Alberta Education’s business planning cycle and process is required.



  • Ministry colleagues are frequently contacted to consult and seek feedback on field tests, diploma exams and related support documents and to provide advice and collaborate on developing future programs of study.
  • Provincial Assessment Sector and Analytics Branch personnel (psychometricians, document production staff, system analysts) require daily interaction to carry out primary business functions.


  • Teachers – frequent contact required including ad hoc and regularly scheduled activities to carry out primary business functions.
  • Representatives of academic institutions – once yearly for consultation.
  • Parents and students – to provide assistance and information.

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