Position profile: District Team Leader

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  • Job Title: District Team Lead
  • Work Unit: Parks Division/Northwest Region/Grande Prairie District
  • Ministry: Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Competition Number: 1054287
  • Closing Date: April 17, 2019


Under the supervision of the Operations Manager this position is responsible for the planning, coordination and delivery of natural resource management, enforcement services, public safety, campground/day use operations and special event permit programs within the Grande Prairie District. The position is responsible for the administration and personnel management for assigned program areas and also provides input and support for Visitor Services, Maintenance, Capital and Administrative programs. This position is responsible for project and contract management as well as managing assigned operation budgets.

The position is responsible for 3 permanent Conservation Officer 2s and over 14 seasonal staff, several of which are extended term positions that are supervised by the incumbent's subordinates.

The area of responsibility for defined duties is the Grande Prairie District which includes 7 Provincial Parks,11 Provincial Recreation Areas, 2 Natural Areas, 2 Wildland Parks and 1 Ecological Reserve. Efficient management of allocated human and financial resources is a primary responsibility of this position.

Responsibilities and Activities

1. District Park Management
  • Plan and implement a comprehensive facility operation, enforcement and public safety program for each District park and recreation area.
  • Ensure that natural resources in the Grande Prairie District are adequately protected and/or preserved through effective patrols and inspections and that visitor and other uses are within management plan objectives and/or legislation.
  • Ensure that human/wildlife conflicts within area of responsibility are resolved. All actions carried out in respect of applicable resource management plans, divisional policies, and applicable legislation.
  • With coordination of Maintenance staff will assist with water sample collection from recreational water sources and advise the public of concerns.
  • Participates in regional, district and park specific planning processes.
2. Enforcement Operations
  • Responsible for the planning, implementation and delivery of law enforcement programs for the Grande Prairie District to ensure compliance with a variety of Provincial and Federal acts and regulations. This includes ensuring the effective and appropriate use of patrols, scheduling, investigative techniques, and enforcement actions for self and staff. Ensures all actions carried out are within appropriate Divisional policy/procedures as well as Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP) use-of-force model, requirements of the Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security Special Constable Appointment, and within current legislative requirements.
  • Ensures that a comprehensive and up-to-date enforcement administrative system is in place and used to record and track all enforcement/court documents and evidence through the judicial process. This includes the use of the ENFOR database system, responsibility for submission of court documents, and ensuring proper procedural processes are followed in regards to prosecutions under various Provincial and Federal statutes for self and staff. All actions respective of the Provincial Parks Act, Historic Resources Act, and departmental policies and guidelines.
  • Ensures hunting/fishing compliance checks are carried out appropriately and according to policy/legislation, and works in conjunction with Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch, Forestry Officers, Biologists and Agrologists to achieve Ministerial/Divisional goals.
  • Develops and maintain a close working relationship with the District RCMP detachments, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch, Environment and Forestry officers, biologists and technicians, Municipal Enforcement Officers, Motor Transport Officers, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and other enforcement agencies to ensure a full range of responses to all enforcement and compliance needs.
3. Public Safety
  • Responsible for planning, implementing, and delivering public safety and emergency preparedness/response programs within the Grande Prairie and with full collaboration and coordination with CO staff in the Grande Prairie and Slave Lake Districts.
  • Ensure that District staff are trained in emergency response to the extent that is consistent with various staff's involvement in potential emergency response incidences and ensures that emergency response equipment is maintained and at a state of readiness appropriate for existing conditions and levels of risk.
  • Responds to various emergency situations and, if necessary, works in conjunction with other appropriate divisional policy/procedures and respective of current legislative requirements.
  • Responsible for the development, review, and update of emergency plans for the Grande Prairie District and facilities therein with full collaboration and coordination with CO staff in other Districts.
  • Develops and maintains good working relationships with agencies such as RCMP, Municipal Emergency Services, Municipal Officials and other emergency response agencies to ensure that a full range of responses to all public safety incidences is available.
4. Administration, Management and Supervision
  • Supervises conservation officer staff including completion of work plans and performance reviews, work planning, coaching and training.
  • Works within assigned budgets; plans, controls and tracks program expenditures; identifies budget constraints to Operations Manager.
  • Assists the Operations Manager with monitoring of contracted services and makes recommendations for improvements.
  • Plans projects, recruits and supervises volunteers to compliment park operations.
  • Assists with developing annual operating plans, manpower plans, capital asset management plans, budgets, etc. Ensures that all areas of responsibility operate within and adhere to said plans and budgets.
  • Assists with hiring and training Seasonal Park Rangers on a Provincial basis.
  • Collects, compiles, and submits visitor statistics.
  • Prepares program summaries for review by Operations Manager as requested.
  • Attends and participates fully at district and regional meetings.
5. Contract Development and Management
  • Where contracts are in place, the incumbent is responsible for the effective administration, including proposals, advertising, evaluation, selection within policy and for the eventual monitoring and compliance of contractors and resolution of any deficiencies. GOA and Ministerial direction, policies and procedures will be met.
  • Incumbent will utilize appropriate contracting methods to meet District operational needs and be directly involved in the administration of any FOA contracts meeting all required duties and expectations associated with these.
6. Permitting Administration
  • Receives and assesses applications for permits to conduct commercial filming, guiding, discharging of firearms, and special events within area of responsibility and issues approvals if merited. Decisions made within divisional, region and district guidelines/policies and applicable legislation.
  • Consults with Operations Manager, regional staff and other program heads regarding projects of a large scale or with potentially large impact on park operations/mandates.
  • Works with permit applicants to prevent possible conflicts and to reduce negative impacts on divisional goals, management objectives, park resources, and the public by attaching clear guidelines and conditions to issued permits.
  • Monitors and supervises permitted activities and ensures all actions carried out by permitees fall within established guidelines and are in compliance with permit conditions and legislation. Takes action to rectify any deficiencies or concerns.
7. Visitor Services/Public & Media Relations
  • The incumbent will provide support and assistance to the Operations Manager and Visitor Services staff in the delivery of personal and non-personal Visitor Services programs within the District. This may include special event planning and public information/promotion.
  • The incumbent and subordinates work with the regional Visitor Services staff to promote divisional, regional and district goals and ensure visitor satisfaction in District's parks.
  • Provides current information to park users on events, programs, and appropriate activities through personal contact while on patrol or via non-personal media.
  • In conjunction with Manager, liaises with media contacts to ensure dissemination of appropriate information, further the division's mandate, and to ensure the public is provided with pertinent information. Performed within government/departmental/divisional policies and guidelines.
  • Provides input into marketing and promotional strategies and, with direction from Operations Manager, participates in implementation.
8. Maintenance and Infrastructure
  • Identifies maintenance concerns and deficiencies to the Maintenance and Infrastructure Supervisor or Operations Manager to ensure facilities meet operational and safety standards. Assist maintenance department when necessary.
  • Program elements include identifying signage (traffic, visitor information, park boundary, etc.) requirements and ensuring replacement. Performed within divisional guidelines.
  • Ensures maintenance and installation of appropriate emergency equipment and repair of assigned vehicles and equipment. Performed within divisional guidelines and allocated budget.
  • In absence of Maintenance Supervisor, incumbent or subordinate staff will respond to trouble shooting call outs relating to water supply or other park facilities. Assist with monitoring park facilities during winter months to prevent furnace malfunctions and resulting damage.
9. Occupational Health and Safety
  • Insures all work activities for staff and contractors are conducted within O.H. & S. regulations.
  • Works with District and Region staff to develop and implement effective O. H & S. programs.
  • Takes action regarding any violations, including shut down of operations, until deficiencies are resolved.


  • Protected Areas administered in the Grande Prairie district includes 7 Provincial Parks,11 Provincial Recreation Areas, 2 Natural Areas, 2 Wildland Parks and 1 Ecological Reserve. Facilities are maintained and operated on a year round basis.
  • Liaise and work in conjunction with various Fish and Wildlife Districts, RCMP detachments, and Area Forest Service office and a Public Lands Administration office. This includes coordinating interagency work activities with staff from all the above offices. Additionally maintain good working relationship with Operations Division of Environment and Parks, Alberta Transportation, and Alberta Emergency Preparedness.
  • Liaise and maintain good working relations with outside agencies/organizations including: 2 Counties/Municipal Districts in the District and various other organizations.
  • Stakeholders - Off-Highway Vehicle clubs and organizations, non-profit partners, County of Grande Prairie, Municipal District of Greenview, relevant Treaty 8 First Nations, ranchers, hunters, environmental groups and general public.
  • Provides direct supervision to 3 permanent Conservation Officers and may have responsibility for additional staff to ensure park, management area, and departmental program objectives are met and that all activities are conducted within applicable policies and legislative requirements.
  • Works in conjunction with divisional staff, regional staff, and other park department heads to facilitate meeting divisional, regional, and park goals.
  • Sound judgment, decision making, and human relation skills are vital in performing law enforcement and public safety functions. Consequence of error may be severe including grievous bodily harm or death of self and/or others.
  • Works often at night and in inclement weather conditions. Routinely works in isolated and remote areas. At times, performs strenuous physical activity.
  • Day to day operational and program decisions are made independently. Interpretation and application of departmental policies and guidelines at the field level are made with input from the Operations manager.
  • Works within assigned budget. Budgetary decisions of a routine nature are made independently; input from the Operations Manager is sought for large or non-routine expenditures.
  • Incumbent develops and delivers training sessions for assigned staff and general park staff.
  • Participates in Divisional committees such as policy development, staffing and training and provides input and feedback for Divisional, Regional and District planning as requested.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A natural science degree or an applied degree in resource management/enforcement. A minimum of 4 years of directly related experience, or an acceptable combination of education and experience.
  • Class 5 Driver's License, Standard First Aid/Level C CPR, Defensive Driver's Certificate, Criminal Records Check, pass Divisional fitness, vision, and psychological testing.
  • Training and certification in the use of sidearm (pistol), longarms (rifle/shotgun), baton, pepper spray, and handcuffs. These certifications must be maintained.
  • Training and certification in the knowledge and application of the AACP use-of-force model.
  • Ability to analyze and make tactical decisions when dealing with enforcement situations, public safety incidents, emergency response situations (medical, fire, problem wildlife), etc.
  • Training and certification in the use of various watercraft, ATVs, snowmobiles, 4X4 vehicles, wildlife traps, chain saws and other potentially dangerous equipment. The ability to maintain and repair said equipment in the field.
  • Competency performing and coordinating search and rescue operations.
  • Written and oral communication skills and interpersonal communication skills required for responding to written requests, public relations/speaking, preparation of enforcement/court documents, staff supervision, and general administrative duties.
  • Ability to supervise staff.
  • Knowledge of applicable policies and procedures including: Management and Operational Plans, Department Policies/Procedures and Directives, Personnel Policies and Procedures, Unions Agreements, Standard Operating Procedures, etc.
  • Good working knowledge of several Provincial and Federal acts and regulations including: Provincial Parks Act and Regulations, Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, and Natural Areas Act, Gaming and Liquor Act and Regulations, Provincial Offences and Procedures Act and Regulations, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, Traffic Safety Act and Regulations, Fisheries Act and Regulations, Wildlife Act and Regulations, Historic Resources Act and Regulations, Petty Trespass Act, Financial Administration Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, FOIP, Criminal Code, Federal Fisheries Act and Regulations, Canada Shipping Act and Regulations, and several other Provincial and Federal Statutes.
  • Knowledge of investigative procedures, evidence collection and handling and court procedure.
  • Further knowledge, skills and abilities required:
    • ability to lead and work within a District team environment with maintenance, visitor services and administration staff
    • human/ wildlife conflict management and resolution
    • program planning and management
    • good organizational skills
    • project planning and management
    • strategic planning
    • time management skills
    • good understanding of computers and competency using various software packages
    • financial management skills


  • Considerable contact with the public, community groups, special interest groups, industry, and contractors for the purpose of managing the Division's land base and associated natural resources.
  • In conjunction with Operations Manager, liaises with MLAs and elected municipal officials and staff relative to Ministry policies and procedures, public complaints and departmental initiatives.
  • Works in close cooperation with personnel from the RCMP, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch, Forestry and local emergency response agencies to provide comprehensive compliance and public safety programs.
  • Works in close cooperation personnel from AF Forest Service, EP Operations (Fish and Wildlife, Public Lands and Environment) as Divisional representative on intra/inter-departmental committees and at meetings to insure effective delivery of Ministry mandate.

Supervision Exercised

  • Two permanent and 1 Temp-Sal Conservation Officer II
  • 10+ seasonal Park Ranger staff, varying term length
  • 4 seasonal booth staff

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