Position profile: Licensing and Revenue Services Support

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  • Job Title: Licensing and Revenue Services Support
  • Work Unit: Operations Division / Provincial Programs Branch
  • Ministry: Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Competition Number: 1054169


Reporting to Licensing Services Coordinator, this position is responsible for providing program services, licensing system services and client services for commercial hunting and fishing licenses throughout the Province’s using the Licensing systems (LIS, RELM)

  • This position is responsible for the decisions on approvals and issuance of resource management licenses in accordance with the Fisheries and Wildlife Acts and Regulations.
  • This position provides system administration for the LIS and ReLM programs and includes monitoring finance/revenue received from throughout the Province.
  • Services are delivered to a wide range of stakeholders and must function in compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) legislation guidelines, the position must recognize which information and personal data collected for the programs is private and confidential.

Responsibilities and Activities

Program Services

Responsible for approving and issuing of resource management licenses in accordance with Fisheries and Wildlife Acts and Regulations, policies, and guidelines to ensure integrity of licenses and consistent license data used by internal and external stakeholders.

  • To ensure public is correctly licensed, requires in-depth knowledge of regulations and eligibility requirements to resolve any conflicts/issues/inconsistencies with administrative staff or compliance officers, All documents received must be reviewed ensuring conditions, criteria and land descriptions are complete prior to issuing any permits or licenses. This position is responsible for maintaining the master files for each license issued.
  • Primary contact to respond to inquiries from the public regarding resource management permits and licenses including both current and historical records.  FOIP guidelines are followed and evaluated on an individual basis to determine correct information to release.
  • Update trapping and trapline information including changing land descriptions as requested.

Licensing System Services

Manages resource license sales revenue submitted from AEP and FWEB District Offices, resolve account balances based on financial policy and guidelines governing revenue. Reporting and administration requires 100% accuracy and 100% timeliness of daily operation.

  • Reconcile license revenue received from District Offices, identify and resolve discrepancies in license sales information provided to ensure no loss of revenue. Use multiple databases for account adjustments, adjust payment variances by performing revenue transfer and payment allocation redistribution on Corporate Accounting and Reporting System (CARS).
  • Review and approve refund request documentation for hunting and fishing licenses submitted from District offices from the public in accordance with Departmental Refund Polices. Initiate and process refund on CARS and ensure no refund overpayment to avoid loss of government revenue.
  • Provide direction and approval to divisional offices for corrective action for cash shortages and overages.  Monitors offices to ensure revenue is remitted weekly as per Finance policy.
  • Download payment allocation file from CARS submitted by Department of Energy Electronic Transfer System (ETS).Upload file to LIS, coordinate and consult with system analyst in Department of Energy Corporate Application Unit when download operation problem is identified.
  • Balance commercial unearned revenue at year-end and assist to submit year-end revenue report.
  • Compile and analyze resource management license sales statistics of the province for external and internal enquiry.
  • Participate in the planning, development, and enhancement and perform complex system acceptance testing for LIS on finance and inventory issues. Ensures system meets ongoing operational and departmental programs requirement.
  • Test cases must include all possible variables for license issuing and historical data and requires detailed planning and extensive understanding of the implications of planned changes.
  • Identify problems and provide input to implement LIS, recommend possible changes to ongoing programs requirement, and consult with system analysts to streamline production functionality to meet user needs.
  • Support maintenance, including updates of system tables used on LIS for license assignment to District Offices. Tables require revisions on an annual basis and identify and control the validation license rules and fees.  100% accuracy and 100% timeliness are required for beginning of every season.
  • Create, generate and format ad-hoc reports on Citrix Oracle Discoverer Fish and Wildlife application for internal and external enquires, manipulate and compile LIS database to customize Excel worksheet as required by departmental staff and external stakeholders.
  • Responsible for accuracy of data entry to ensure the quality control of LIS database

Client Services

Ensure integrity of licensing data to track and provide correct license information.  Exercise extensive judgement in resolving issues associated with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Responsible to accurately compile commercial licensing data for internal and external inquiries in accordance with Fisheries/Wildlife Acts, Hunting and Fishing Regulations and FOIP legislation to ensure correct and appropriate information released.
  • Primary contact to authorize and provide information to land consulting companies within FOIP regulations in regards to trappers, trap lines and maps and legal land descriptions. This requires the ability to access multiple databases to search for information requested.


  • Reconcile of commercial license sales revenue, and conducts a variety of accounting related calculations. 100% accuracy is required.
  • Primary source of commercial licensing information to internal and external enquiries.  Required to respond independently and correctly.  Approve issue 35 types of commercial license.
  • Approval of commercial license applications based on guidelines and complex eligibility requires, interpretation of Licensing Manual and in-depth knowledge of Fish and Wildlife Acts and Regulations.
  • Requires initiative to investigate and identify system problems to propose changes to system analysts to enhance operational integrity and functionality.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Requires extensive and thorough knowledge of government revenue and accounting practices and procedures, Fisheries and Wildlife Acts, Licensing Manuals and Fishing and Hunting Regulations, in depth knowledge of FOIP legislation.
  • Requires well-developed interpersonal skills to deal with scenarios that may not produce positive results for the public.
  • Thorough knowledge of legal land description and maps.
  • Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, SharePoint.  As well as other software including Oracle Discoverer, LIS, CARS and RELM.
  • Skills to communicate with district offices regarding license problems and finance issues.
  • Strong organization skills to be able to multi-task, effective time management and work with independence.


  • This position has considerable interaction with the public, district staff, officers and fisheries and wildlife biologists to provide information on commercial licensing.  The interaction is primarily includes effective and efficient interpretation of legislation and regulations.
  • Liaise with Department of Energy Financial Services Division, Client Registry and Corporate Application Unit.
  • Liaise with, Disposition Services Section to provide land description update on trap line land sales in the Province.
  • Liaise with Department of Agriculture and Forestry regarding Livestock Import and Export Permits.
  • Liaise with land consulting companies to provide trappers’ information.

Supervision Exercised

  • N/A

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