Position profile: Employment Standards Contact Centre Advisor

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  • Job Title: Employment Standards Contact Centre Advisor
  • Work Unit: Centrally Delivery Services, Centrally Delivered Services
  • Ministry: Alberta Community and Social Services
  • Competition Number: 1053320


The Employment Standards Advisor position responds to public inquiries regarding Employment Standards Legislation and Policy, other related legislation. This includes complex, multifaceted, precise and high priority complaints and concerns under various pieces of legislation administered by the Department.

The Employment Standards Advisor must respond to calls to determine if a possible violation to legislation administered by the Department has occurred and when appropriate, encourages callers to file their complaints for investigation. At all times the individual is required to keep up to date with the current legislation, policies and procedures as they relate to the Employment Standards Code, Regulations and Policy thereby maintaining a high level of quality service.

The Employment Standards Advisor responds to electronic mail inquiries received by clients pertaining the Employment Standards Code, Regulations, and Policy, and must know where to send the information should the inquiry not pertain to the Employment Standards Code, Regulations or Policies. Accuracy of information, presentation and timeliness are essential. While in the role of being an expert in the field of Employment Standards, the Advisor is responsible to review, correct and respond to electronic mail inquiries forwarded to them by Albertans seeking information, education, and interpretation to the Employment Standards Code and related information sources.

The Employment Standards Advisors calls and emails are logged into various databases, for statistical and reporting purposes, client satisfaction follow-up, and for monitoring purposes by the supervisor to ensure quality control.

Responsibilities and Activities

Provide full and accurate information services to callers via the telephone on legislation administered by the Division.

  • Provides courteous, timely and accurate information and advice to callers on all aspects of the Employment Standards Code, Regulations, Policies, and related legislation.
  • Assesses calls to identify compliance / non-compliance with the legislation.
  • Where assessment of a call determines a possible violation, encourages callers to file a complaint for investigation.
  • Provide information, advice and guidance on avenues available and on legislative controls relating to their concerns to assist callers in resolving their own problems.
  • Provides appropriate referral to municipal, provincial or federal government departments, agencies, associations, courts, law enforcement bodies and legal counsel when the call does not pertain to Employment Standards. This requires the Employment Standards Advisor to be familiar with programs administered by other government departments and agencies.

Employment Standards Information via Electronic Mail

  • Written responses are generated to provide the public with information regarding the Employment Standards Code, Regulations, Policies, and an avenue to access for investigational updates.
  • Ensure written responses are accurate, complete and correct in grammatical structure and form.
  • When assigned, assess electronic mail to ensure that proper information, referrals and/or action is being taken, and to review emails completed by junior staff to ensure accuracy. When necessary, refer concerns to the Supervisor for advice.

Other Duties

  • Assist Investigators (Employment Standards Compliance) by Logging client's calls on the Third Party Complaint Form for statistical and reporting, and investigation purposes. The client's name, telephone number, postal code, call type, and a brief description of the client's concern and the advice given are logged. This information is a priority, and must be acted upon as soon as received for immediate investigation.
  • Identify employment trend (Workforce Adjustments) concerns and report them to the Supervisor for follow-up/investigation.
  • Develop and maintain an extensive knowledge base in order to respond to inquiries.
  • Research and perform updates on the Employment Standards Policies, as well as the Client Correspondence Management System (CCMS).


  • Respond to inquiries by providing advice and interpretation of more than 138 pieces of legislation to the general public, business community, associations, and the legal community.
  • Originality is applied in communications with the public to disseminate complex matters in a simple and understandable fashion.
  • Assesses whether a call pertains to the employer or the employee. If the call does not pertain to Employment Standards, a recommendation is made for an alternative course of action including transferring calls or providing appropriate referrals. These decisions and recommendations are made on a daily basis.
  • By applying problem solving techniques, creativity is demonstrated in assisting callers with problems or concerns.
  • This position reports to the Employment Standards Contact Centre Supervisor and works independently according to the guidelines of empowerment.
  • General guidance is given through memos, electronic mail, discussions, news releases and staff meetings.
  • The work is reviewed through the performance appraisal system, annually, to determine if expectations/targets have been met.
  • Random call monitoring through the Supervisors' observation function and coaching.
  • Random monitoring of electronic mail responses Contact Centre Supervisor.
  • Periodic assessment of telephone statistical information by the Call Centre Supervisor.
  • Performance is evaluated against the targets established by the Supervisor.
  • Calls are assessed for telephone etiquette, accuracy, relevancy of information provided and customer service focus. Call duration, promptness and the appropriate use of "down-time" are also performance assessment factors.
  • Electronic mail responses are evaluated for clarity, presentation, accuracy, relevancy of information provided and customer service focus.
  • An Employment Standards Advisor works with minimal supervision and direction. An Employment Standards Advisor is required to respond directly to callers throughout the Province and beyond on a wide variety of legislative and non-legislative inquiries.
  • The Employment Standards Advisor will work independently to make decisions with regard to:
    • Giving advice to the public as to their rights and responsibilities under the legislation administered by our Department.
    • Make the determination if a possible violation of the legislation has occurred and if so to encourage clients to file a complaint.
    • Advise disadvantaged clients of the actions the Department can take against offending employers and businesses and their avenues to remedy their concerns.
  • Employers and Employees throughout Alberta and beyond can be impacted by the actions of the Employment Standards Advisor and therefore accuracy and their expertise is paramount.
  • While in the role of an advisor:
    • Responsible to review, correct and respond to electronic mail inquiries forwarded by clients.
    • As required, review electronic communications received by the department and distribute, destroy or respond.
    • Checks the appropriate mailboxes pertaining to our Client Correspondence Maintenance System and deletes any junk/spam messages as needed.
    • When required, ensure all electronic mail inquiries are responded to within the 3 day required turnaround time.
    • As required, refer electronic mail inquiries unerringly using all resources available to appropriate agencies, government departments, and business units when the request does not pertain to Employment Standards.
  • As a Contact Centre Supervisor, share with colleagues any specialized knowledge with acts, programs or telephony applications.
  • As assigned, review and update electronic canned messages as required to ensure the information being disseminated to the public is accurate. Updated messages are reviewed by the Contact Centre Team Supervisor.
  • Aid the Supervisor by assisting co-workers with difficulties they may encounter with any questions pertaining to the Employment Standards Code, Regulation and Policy.
  • When required by the Contact Centre Supervisor, assist with training colleagues.
  • Provide suggestions relating to changes to policies, procedures and existing protocol where appropriate.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • High School Diploma
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Several years’ progressively responsible experience.
  • Possessing an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of Departmental legislation in order to accurately interpret pertinent acts, regulations, policies, and procedures. The Acts and Regulations are numerous. Some of these include: The Fair Trading Act, Employment Standards Code, Employment Standards Regulations, Employment Standards Policy, Workplace Health and Safety, Worker’s Compensation Board, Employment Insurance Act, Revenue Canada, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and their appropriate regulations.
  • Must have an awareness of a broad range of other related provincial and federal statutes that affect the consumer marketplace such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Interpretations Act, Limitations Act, and the Builders Lien Act.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills to deal with a broad spectrum of clients.
  • Excellent customer service focus. Ability to respond to client and stakeholders' needs and incorporate a customer service perspective.
  • Ability to effectively converse with difficult clients.
  • Ability/willingness to work in a fast paced challenging team environment, multi-task and be self-directed, while maintaining a high level of productivity and quality service are important aspects of this position.
  • Must be able to use appropriate telephone techniques, professionalism and good judgment in the handling of calls regarding complex, multifaceted, politically sensitive and high priority complaints.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Ability to comprehend and interpret legislative issues and relay information in understandable terms to clients.
  • Familiarity with programs administered by other government departments and agencies.
  • Skill in use of computer software applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Excel, the Internet, MOVES and CATS.
  • Skill in the use of general office equipment.
  • Ability to operate Avaya CentreVu IP Agent "soft" phone.


  • This position is in contact with the general public, including the business community, associations, law enforcement, the legal community and departmental/divisional staff on a daily basis via the telephone and electronic mail.
  • The purpose of these contacts is to provide clarification, advice and assistance with regards to the legislation, policy and procedures administered by the department.

Supervision Exercised

  • This position has no supervisory requirements.

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