Position profile: Network Analyst

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  • Job Title: Network Analyst
  • Work Unit: Enterprise Operation & Infrastructure, Network Operations
  • Ministry: Service Alberta
  • Competition Number: 1053080


This position reports to the Manager of Network and Domain Services. Positions at this level are typically subject matter experts in information technology (IT) in a particular area and are responsible for leading a team in the development, implementation and execution of information technology projects or are responsible for a complex specialized area within IT. Communication with stakeholders and co-workers will be essential in ensuring that project deliverables meet client expectation. The position will use diverse IT expertise to operate independently on assigned work or provide guidance to others.

Service Alberta provides IT shared services to all the Government of Alberta ministries and several of their Agencies, Boards and Commissions. They also provide services to the public. Reporting to the Manager, Network Operations, this position is responsible for the full support of The GOA shared data network service. This Senior Network Analyst is responsible for the network team that supports cross government data network services. This includes regular meetings with the clients, working closely with the other Operational Team, as well as the Network Team to ensure proper service delivery. The position develops new network configurations to meet changing ministry requirements and resolves network problems to ensure uninterrupted provision of network services.

This will also encompass the entire life cycle of the network service from the development to installation to maintenance / operation and finally the decommissioning of the hardware that supports the LAN and WAN networks service. This will provide the cross ministry clients with a reliable and cost effective network service. This position will be required to take a technical lead role in both projects and operation activities.

Responsibilities and Activities

Working with the Network team on daily operational activities, coordination of duties, planning and implementation of network initiatives, provide orientation and training, and work with other Operational teams, and Ministries to achieve all goals to benefit all Albertans

Team Supervisory and Coordination Duties


  • Performs ‘acting manager’ duties as required
  • Works with Manager on employee training and new employee evaluations
  • Rationalization and deployment of SuperNet 2.0
  • Works with Ministries related to staff/building adds, move, and circuit removals
  • Analysis of bandwidth affecting Applications
  • Develop and maintain team process and procedures
  • Coordinates resource availability for operational and project work
  • Project management for larger projects
  • Translations of ministry business into technical plans
  • Traveling to and from meetings with main contact on Operational and Project issues for supported ministries
  • Provides training to staff to orient staff to troubleshooting techniques
  • Serves as a lead resource to staff on all network related technologies
  • Provides orientation and training to staff to maintain consistency in troubleshooting procedures and ensure familiarity with new technologies and processes.

Over Site and Reporting


  • Day to day maintenance of LAN and WAN data communication networks to ensure timely, reliable and cost effective network services to client departments
  • Continual monitoring of GoA SuperNet locations to increase or decrease circuit bandwidth
  • Develops configurations and provisioning for new or changing department requirements
  • Performs executive level reporting to measure network performance
  • Provides network technology solutions to meet new and changing department requirements
  • Evaluates and reports on network utilization/availability to client departments to support provisions of network service agreements
  • Performs network troubleshooting in accordance with service level agreements
  • Maintains router operating system software and hardware to ensure that the system has the capacity and memory to handle new requirements
  • Analyses technical/operational problems to identify source and assigns resolution to appropriate service provider
  • Serves as a technical resource to other areas of the ministry in the area of network technologies

Service Modernization, Monitoring, and Reporting


  • Monitors all network changes to ensure minimum impact on implementation, and maintains accurate and up-to-date system documentation
  • Evaluates and reports on network utilization/availability to client departments to support service agreements
  • Monitors hardware and software changes to ensure continued network availability
  • Evaluates new technology
  • Provide responses on escalated network issues
  • Evaluates and reports on network utilization/availability to client departments to support provisions of network service agreements
  • Provides client with network reports and requested
  • Plans and implements network initiatives to meet the always changing client network requirements
  • Develops configurations and provisions for new or changing department requirements in conjunction with other senior network analyst
  • Provides network technology solutions working with other senior network analyst to meet new and changing department requirements

Strategic Planning and Future Growth


  • Provide direction to the GOA shared network and ensures that the direction from SA is followed by all Network Operations staff
  • Works on projects to lead or assist on all network issues
  • Serves as a technical resource on project teams in the area of network technologies
  • Provide input on or create network designs for network initiatives
  • Coordinate or complete network implementations and resolve issues


The position typically leads a team or teams of employees on IT projects that affect the department, several ministries or cross-government or are responsible for a complex specialized area within IT that has a ministry or cross-government impact. The position must be flexible and knowledgeable of several technical areas as well as project, operational and government processes. Creativity will be essential as it will support clients in strategic and operational planning and will play a key role in identifying, evaluating and recommending opportunities to apply existing and new information activities to existing business processes. The position may also play a significant role in the development of Ministry and technical standards, practices, methods and procedures relating to information technology.

This position is responsible for:

  • Interacting with customers at varying technical levels, systems analysts within client departments, within the Ministry and with external technical staff employed by contracted service providers; position is relied on to provide network technology expertise to junior systems analysts within the ministry and to project network design teams.
  • Creating and maintaining of supporting documentation for SuperNet installs, moves, and removals of circuits.
  • Primary operational point of contact for analyzing and troubleshooting of Application/SuperNet related issues.
  • Supporting three enterprise network cores two in Edmonton and one in Calgary. These data centers comprise of Nexus 7000 Distribution Pairs, along with Nexus 9000, Nexus 5000, and FEX Switches at the Access Layer. CORE routing is handled by 6509E Chassis, and 6880X Chassis, configured in VSS Pairs.
  • Supporting the GOA Shared network environment spans 560 + locations and approximately 3500 + network devices throughout the Province of Alberta
  • Coordination of SuperNet related issues for all 18 Government of Alberta Ministries and their Agencies, Boards and Commissions. This spans 700 + locations throughout the Province of Alberta.
  • Coordination of alternative Internet Service Providers solutions for all 18 Government of Alberta Ministries and their Agencies, Boards and Commissions.
  • Implementation of new cross ministry networking technologies which can be utilized by all Ministries
  • Providing network consultations to all 18 Government of Alberta Ministries and their Agencies, Boards and Commissions on single or multiple ministry projects. This often includes client moves, network consolidations, best practices, new service implementations, SuperNet information or troubleshooting
  • Providing solutions for Cross Government Network Architecture and Network Connectivity
  • Performing site surveys and network recommendations at new and existing locations for all Ministries in the GOA shared network

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Positions at this level lead other IT professionals in department wide or cross ministry project work or are responsible for a complex specialized area within IT. This work requires in-depth knowledge of computer science concepts and methodologies (software, infrastructure, programming, network and mainframe products, and systems management). This theoretical knowledge is typically gained through a post-secondary degree in computer sciences or related program and four years of comprehensive related experience (six years of related experience if have a related diploma).

  • Knowledge of Government IT policies and legislation and an understanding of its application on related projects.
  • Knowledge of related technology trends and developments.
  • Ability to plan, develop and coordinate projects on a department or cross-ministry scale.
  • The ability to work well in a team environment, lead and mentor junior employees and work within deadline constraints is essential.
  • Strong communication skills are required to explain IT concepts, consult with stakeholders and provide guidance.
  • Excellent coordination and communication skills
  • Knowledge of desktop and network operating systems
  • The incumbent must be familiar with practical applications of ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery and Microsoft
  • The position requires knowledge of processes and policies used by Service Alberta
  • The position requires special emphasis in the competencies of Client Focus, adaptability, innovation and teamwork.
  • Expert level knowledge of applicable IT technologies is desirable.
  • In depth analytical skills for problem solving - identification, diagnosis, resolution.
  • General knowledge of applicable programming and scripting languages.
  • Extended organizational skills (i.e. prioritization skills and ability to work in a continually changing technical environment)
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills (both verbal and written)
  • Proven ability to function on an individual basis and in a team/group environment
  • In-depth knowledge of network routing protocols (OSPF, EIGRP, etc.)
  • In-depth understanding and experience in the use of Cisco IOS (routers and switches) and Cisco OS
  • In-depth understanding of network monitoring tools such as HP Openview, Sniffer, Treverse
  • In-depth knowledge of networking best practices
  • In-depth knowledge and use of wireless solutions (Cisco WCS, Controllers, and AP)
  • In-depth knowledge and hands on experience for managing and supporting Cisco ASA firewalls
  • Knowledge and experience with QoS, VRF, Cisco MPLS, and Queuing
  • In-depth knowledge of basic and advance networking principles (TCP, UDP, IP addressing, etc.)
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve network related issues quickly
  • Ability to communicate with clients in a professional manner
  • Ability to create and follow network related procedures and documentations  
  • Knowledge of Network Media, Technical and Logical Information, hardware capacity for all components in the network such as routers, switches, and firewalls.
  • Analytical/diagnostic/organizational skills to identify problem source, and to develop and coordinate network solutions to meet new and changing requirements.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact
Colleagues Daily In a leadership role, discuss operational and project issues, planning and direction, and resolve issues.
Internal Clients Daily - Weekly Consult on issues/plans; provide solutions, options, support, and Project status updates.
External Clients/Vendors Weekly - Monthly Consult on issues/plans; provide solutions, options and support. Ensure deliverables are met. Project updates. New service offerings and updates.

Supervision Exercised

  • N/A

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