Position profile: Data Analytics Lead

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  • Job Title: Data Analytics Lead
  • Work Unit: Audit
  • Ministry: Office of the Auditor General
  • Competition Number: 1052093


The Office of the Auditor General of Alberta (OAG) Data Analytics (DA) Strategy (2018 – 2022) describes the office’s ‘desired future state’ with respect to the adoption and use of data analytics within its financial statement and performance audit lines of business. The OAG needs a DA Lead to advance the function of the DA group (DAG) by providing strategic direction and leadership to the effective use of audit analytics on the audits of financial statements and performance audits, implementing the 2018 - 2022 Data Analytics Strategy and leading development of the next DA Strategy. While the scope of the DA Strategy did not include defining how data analytics could be used to inform and advance OAG operations, the DA Lead will work closely with the Corporate Services Division to share learnings and collaborate as indicated.


Under the broad direction of the Assistant Auditor General responsible for the OAG’s specialists, the DA Lead will:

  • Identify and implement strategic priorities aimed at achieving OAG objectives relating to the use of digital technology and DA in understanding our audit entities and conducting financial statement and performance audits;
  • Ensuring that the vision and objectives set out in the DA Strategy are widely understood within the OAG;
  • Ensuring that audit analytics work aligns with the needs of the Financial Statement Audit practice and the Performance Audit practice;
  • Provide a high level of professional and technical advice to inform current and emerging data analytics issues and promote awareness and use of data analytics methods throughout the OAG;
  • Develop business relationships with DA service providers;
  • Lead and manage the work of the DAG;
  • Act as a conduit between the business leaders, audit staff and the DAG to identify data-related business requirements, discuss issues, scope and feasibility and recommend potential solutions;
  • Contribute to improvement in current audit methodologies as led by the Professional Practices group;
  • Provide input/advice as indicated to the GoA in execution of its own data strategies; and
  • Lead a small group of staff in the DAG, including identifying staffing needs, developing, coaching and mentoring staff, managing staff performance, and ensuring that staff maintain a high level of specialist technical expertise.

The work is characterized by:

  • A high level of autonomy and responsibility and a requirement to undertake challenging work with a high level of complexity;
  • Decision making that is based on professional judgement, complex analysis and a high level of technical skill and knowledge;     
  • Provision of a high level of technical and strategic leadership, including setting a direction that promotes innovation and continual improvement across the section and the organization;
  • The need to initiate, establish and maintain strong professional relationships across the OAG, with external stakeholders, and major service/technical solutions providers; and
  • Representation at senior levels within and on behalf of the OAG.

Responsibilities and Activities

Primary responsibilities of the role include:

  • Develop and promote a clear vision to improve data literacy and shape the implementation and use of data analytics methods and tools across the OAG;
  • Build a roadmap to implement the DA Strategy, including recommending appropriate OAG and operational governance;
  • Coordinate all projects undertaken to implement the DA Strategy, including monitoring and reporting on progress to the AAG responsible for OAG specialists;
  • For those DA Strategy-related projects undertaken by the DAG, oversee planning and initial scoping of projects, effective project management and reliable reporting on results attained;
  • Manage performance of the DAG to meet quality standards and developing work processes and systems to ensure the effective and timely delivery of products and services;
  • Establish the value of DA within the OAG, and embed the use of data analytics methods in the audit and business processes;
  • Leverage latest developments in technology;
  • Draw on and harness data analytics and data science expertise, and act as the primary source of advice and expertise for the DAG and the Office Leadership Team;
  • Lead the team to take a forward looking and strategic view in providing data analytics services to audit teams and business groups (as indicated);
  • Recruit and manage staff with a high level of technical and specialist skills and leverage these specialized capabilities to establish the DAG as a centre of excellence for the OAG;
  • Ensure the section operates in accordance with OAG audit standards and internal policies;
  • Coach, mentor, develop and provide feedback to staff at all levels within the section, building a culture of knowledge sharing and mutual development.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience:

  • Identify the level of education required to do the position; i.e., college diploma, bachelor’s degree, etc., and what prior experience is required to do the position. These requirements must be bona fide in relation to the duties. The phrase “or an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered” can be included after any formal educational and years of experience requirement, unless the work cannot be performed without these qualifications.


  • Undergraduate degree in a discipline that requires analysis of complex information, interpretation and written reporting of findings such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Statistics, Economics, Actuarial Studies, Social or Market Research, Business Analysis or Intelligence, Information Technology and Systems, Information Management, Finance/Commerce or other relevant qualifications;


  • Accounting designation
  • Change Management and Project Management
  • Previous Government experience


  • Advanced analytical skills, including the ability to think strategically;
  • Strong project management knowledge and skills including a demonstrated capability to lead and implement complex projects;
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate complex issues simply, clearly and effectively in different forums, including translating technical information for non-technical audiences;
  • Excellent data analytics skills, including familiarity with SAP, ACL or ACL AX;
  • Excellent stakeholder engagement and strong representational skills in particular expertise in consultation, liaison and negotiation with internal and external clients;
  • Demonstrated leadership, interpersonal and people management skills including the ability to build and manage high performing teams that have diverse and complementary technical skills.
  • Change Management and Project Management principles


  • A successful track record (minimum of 5 years) of promoting and implementing data analytics methods to improve existing organizational processes and outcomes;
  • Demonstrated experience in working on large data analysis or data driven projects;
  • Management experience

OAG Competencies:

  • Personal Effectiveness (Manages self; focused on self-development; agile with change);
  • Organizational Effectiveness (Understands and works towards Office goals; focuses on continuous improvement; adheres to/enforces Office policies and procedures);
  • Relationship Effectiveness (Develops/maintains effective working relationships);
  • Teamwork (Leads and/or contributes to team success);
  • Communication (Communicates clearly and with impact; demonstrates sensitivity in interactions with others); and
  • Technical Skills (Demonstrates technical/professional skills and knowledge; demonstrates critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills; manages projects and budgets).


Internal communications include audit related communications, collaboration, testing of innovations, training/coaching and updates on work

  • DAG staff
  • Engagement Leaders: weekly
  • Staff Auditors (Financial Statement Audit and Performance Audit): weekly or more
  • Group Auditor:  weekly
  • Audit agents: periodically
  • Professional Practice: continuous
  • Business Leaders: as needed
  • People Development:  as needed
  • Corporate Services (IrT, Finance, HR, other):  as needed

External communications

  • Academics, technology companies: the purpose is to maintain awareness of developments in the field of DA, generally, and in particular with respect to auditing
  • CCOLA (IT Committee)
  • CAAF

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