Position profile: Manager, Ministry Strategic Initiatives

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  • Job Title: Manager, Ministry Strategic Initiatives
  • Work Unit: Deputy Minister's Office
  • Ministry: Alberta Health
  • Competition Number: 1051750

Position Summary

Reporting to the Chief of Staff (COS), DMO, the Manager, Ministry Strategic Initiatives is responsible for reporting functionally to the Deputy Minister (DM) and Associate DM (A/DM) relating to strategic priorities of the Department and providing support to the DMs as required. This position is accountable to assist in the framing, scoping, tracking, advising, monitoring, and reporting on progress through the development phase and to the implementation of strategic initiatives. This position will serve as a key advisor to the department leadership and DMs on strategic initiatives. This role will provide coordination across the ministry, across government, with Minister's Office, Premier's Office and key stakeholders such as Alberta Health Services (AHS), Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA), etc. This role will serve as a key advisor, logistical support and primary source of progress on strategic files for the DM and A/DM.

Specific Accountabilities

Responsible for coordination of strategic initiatives of the Department, including:

  • Serving as the DM, A/DM, and COS's key advisor, providing logistical support, and serving as primary source of project status for all strategic initiatives;
  • Assist in the framing of the strategic initiatives in conjunction with the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) leads and divisional staff;
  • Coordinate all briefings, material, and correspondence related to the internal development and progress of strategic initiatives for the department, including sequencing for discussions at a variety of senior leadership tables;
  • Responsible for ensuring diligent project management methodology is applied to all strategic initiatives with regular progress reporting, regular briefings with DM and A/DM on file progress;
  • Ensuring regular check-in for validation and input from the DM and A/DM throughout the development and implementation of the strategic priorities to ensure alignment;
  • Ensuring regular cross-ministry consultation as projects are developing and working with ADMs and ADM Offices on supporting sequencing and staging for executive consultation and decision tables, including Senior Management Team meetings and forums.

Responsible for coordination of the transition of strategic initiatives to business planning priorities and specific operational priorities, including:

  • Coordinating the transition of components of strategic initiatives into specific business deliverables through the initiative life cycle;
  • Working with corporate support entities such as Legal Services, Policy Integration and Legislative Services, Strategic Policy and Indigenous Health, and Intergovernmental Relations to ensure appropriate cross-ministry support and alignment of strategic initiative priorities with business priorities throughout the year;
  • Ensuring an appropriate and effective transition of priority components in multi-year strategic frameworks and plans to tangible deliverables across the ministry.

Providing surge capacity as available and as needed for Deputy Minister Office operations, which may include:

  • Issues management support;
  • DM Office administrative functions such as:
    • Correspondence preparation;
    • Supporting deputies in various senior leadership meetings;
  • Liaising with ADM's and ADMO staff on priority files.
  • Liaising with Minister's Office on day to day issues and requests for information and briefings
  • Supporting the Director, DM Operations and Chief of Staff in fulfilling their roles
  • Other responsibilities as required.

Knowledge / Experience

  • University degree in a related field supplemented by a minimum of 3 years of progressively responsible experience in the Government of Alberta (GOA).
  • Knowledge of the Alberta health system, other provincial healthcare systems, and international healthcare systems around the world, including emerging trends and innovative approaches.
  • Experience with developing and implementing strategic plans and strategic frameworks
  • Experience in project management methodology, with a preference to formal certification, or a willingness to obtain project management certification in the first year of employment.
  • Experience with public service environment and knowledge of GoA policy development cycle, decision-making process, and legislative procedures.
  • Experience with identifying key issues, including legal implications and risks.
  • Experience giving advice, including deep understanding of the importance of defining the problem, developing solutions and analyzing the solutions so that robust decision-making can occur.
  • Experience working in a multifaceted, fast-paced environment, using well developed verbal and written communication skills in the transfer of information to inform and influence executives and senior officials.
  • Strong change management skills.
  • Knowledge of GoA standards, systems, and protocols.
  • Strong knowledge of GoA strategic and operational business planning goals and processes, including reporting and evaluation.
  • Political acumen and understanding of Alberta's political system, GoA mandates and related policies, and government structure.
  • Understanding of the business of the ministry including knowledge of various stakeholder groups and familiarity with issues, trends and directions.

Leadership and Business Know-How

Systems Thinking - The Manager is able to see both the big picture and details, understanding the whole system and recognize linkages between the two. Must be able to ask questions and bring others to a discovery of the system and how their pieces interact with the whole. Must be able to evaluate broad reaching impacts and use this knowledge to inform progress.

Drive for Results - The Manager provides strategic advice to the Minister, DMs, COS, Executive Team, and ministry staff. Position forecasts potential challenges with implementation and provides advice on major issues. Must hold true to principles and confront problems directly, taking steps to rectify problem situations. The Manager uses knowledge of the overall organization to improve performance and initiates actions to optimize resources for the achievement of improved results.

Develop Networks - It is critical that the Manager quickly establishes credibility and initiates relationships with a broad range of people in unfamiliar environments, nurturing these relationships to build trust.

Creative Problem Solving - The Manager must be able to combine different approaches and perspectives across the ministry and from other ministries, creating a safe space for people to think creatively. The Manager must be able identify barriers to creativity and propose viable solutions.

Agility - The Manager must be able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape and priorities, foster agility in others, create processes and opportunities that encourage proactive and flexible practices across the ministry. The Manager must be able to anticipate, evaluate, and proactively address organizational barriers to agility.

Build Collaborative Environments - Builds consultative and collaborative working relationships and partnerships in the ministry, across government and with stakeholder organizations to develop and advance coordinated policy options. The Manager must promote sharing of expertise among wide-ranging teams to achieve ministry outcomes. Must bring the right people together, create conflict-resolving environment to high-level goals to motivate and guide other to achieve results.

Develop Self and Others - The Manager must stay ahead of the curve and apply emerging approaches and or technologies. Must have an ability to create, support, and sustain a work environment that enables staff to achieve results and build skill capacities for the future.

Problem Solving

The Manager is responsible for solving complex issues related to long term strategic planning and transition from strategic planning to specific project deliverables in business and operational planning. The Manager must work across different divisions within the department to ensure appropriate consultation on initiatives that cross most divisions and many stakeholders. As one of the primary resources to support the DMs on strategic initiatives, must be able to solve issues in environments of ambiguity and provide clear advice and direction on behalf of the DMs. Must be able to brief senior executives on a wide range of topics in an effective manner. The Manager will need to respond to requests from the Premier's Office, Minister's Office, Executive Council, the Deputy Ministers, and key stakeholders in a timely and coordinated fashion. The Manager will be accountable for ensuring quality briefing and information materials are prepared by the department for escalation into decision making processes at the most senior levels of the department and of government.

Relationships / Contacts

Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact
Deputy Minister / Associate Deputy Minister Regular / Daily
  • Briefings, support, advice, on an ongoing basis.
ADMs / ADM Staff Regular / Daily
  • Coordinate liaison with staff and ADMs on meetings and deliverables, provide feedback on assigned activities, obtain information and feedback on processes, policy items and subject matter expertise.
Executive Council (DMO; PCO; CCO) Regular, as required
  • Provide updates, briefing material and seek advice on process items as part of strategic planning and business planning for Health priorities.
Other Ministries / DMOs Regular, as required
  • Liaises across ministries with DMOs on topics crossing multiple ministries and stakeholders.
Alberta Health Services

Health Quality Council of Alberta

Regulatory Colleges
As required
  • As strategic initiatives transition to operational priorities, work with stakeholders as required to ensure appropriate engagement and processes exist to move priorities forward.

Impact and Magnitude of Job (Scope)

The Manager directly influences the development and outcome of departmental strategic priorities, supports and advised DMs on the development and progress of strategic priorities, and serves as a back up to issues management staff. The Manager is in a pivotal role to ensure high quality briefing, project, and decision documents are effectively moved to senior decision makers within the department and within GOA, as required. The Manager is responsible for leading the development of strategic priorities and functioning as part of a high performance team in a complex and highly dynamic environment. The Manager is responsible for initiatives that span the department and touch the lives of Albertans and key health and government stakeholders.

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