Position profile: Business Analyst, Grant Administration and Management System

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  • Job Title: Business Analyst, Grant Administration and Management System
  • Work Unit: Financial and Corporate Services Division, Financial Policy and Operations Unit
  • Ministry: Alberta Health
  • Competition Number: 1051289


The Business Analyst (“the BA”) provides definitive expertise and consultation, business analysis, and project management services to support Department stakeholders throughout the grants process, including especially the use of grants software such as the Grant Administration and Management System (GAMS). The BA is Alberta Health’s authoritative expert on GAMS and on the Department’s Grant Policy and Grant Procedures.

Reporting to the Director, Financial Policy and Operations, the BA functions within the applicable Ministry and government legislation, regulations, policies/directives, and guidelines to ensure both business- and technology-related solutions meet business goals and objectives. The position is responsible for engaging stakeholders in relation to identifying and documenting business requirements, designing alternative solutions, planning resource needs, and implementing effective and efficient business processes to support business functions. The BA plans, organizes, and coordinates the development and delivery of project deliverables from the initiation phase through to implementation. In essence, the BA is the interface between end-users and Information Technology (IT) personnel for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading GAMS and facilitating the alignment of business processes. Responsibilities of the position focus upon identifying and defining stakeholder business needs and processes and then managing and coordinating with IT resources in implementing system changes/enhancements/upgrades to address these needs.

A critical responsibility of this position is to identify problems and potential problems, and then to manage the impacts to Department due to the introduction of changes, enhancements, and upgrades to GAMS. The BA develops and implements testing and change management strategies and procedures, while maintaining effective working relationships across the Department. The incumbent exercises considerable interpersonal skill and technical knowledge working with end-users, business and technical analysts, and staff from the Health Information Technology and Systems (HITS) division to test and coordinate system changes, enhancements, and upgrades within Alberta Health.

Responsibilities and Activities

Manage the FCS Support Group, with the end result that Alberta Health staff in all divisions receive the operational and technical support they need to manage their Grants

  • Serve as Alberta Health’s authoritative expert and ultimate go-to person on Grants software, especially the Grant Administration and Management System (GAMS).
  • Plan, deliver, and manage support and troubleshooting services for business users of GAMS.
  • Make decisions to best match the resources available with the needs of Alberta Health.
  • Budget for, and monitor expenditures against, the Application Management Services (AMS) allocation for GAMS, identifying problems, and taking corrective action where necessary to ensure that expenditures remain within budget.
  • Assist divisions in deployment of new funding opportunities or changes to existing ones.
  • Identify training needs for staff in all divisions, and devise and execute a plan to meet these needs.
  • Identify needs for one-on-one support of Expenditure Officers or other staff, and provide or arrange for the provision of this support.
  • On a consulting basis, provide staff in all divisions with authoritative advice and support on reporting out of the GAMS DataMart.
  • Manage the work of internal (HITS) and external (CSDC, CGI) parties, to ensure that Grants systems receive the required technical support from these experts in their respective disciplines.
  • Understand and support all complex business functions of the system.
  • Work with CGI and HITS staff to update and maintain configurations, so that they continue to meet the business needs of stakeholders
  • Develop queries and reports in SAS, as required.
  • Ensure efficient management and administration of GAMS, including look-up table updates, and user and group security access.

Manage Grants systems enhancement projects, with the end result that these systems continue to function after changes in the software or in Alberta Health’s organizational and legislative environment, and that over time these systems increasingly support Alberta Health staff in accomplishing their duties

  • After consultation with stakeholders, devise a long-term strategy for Alberta Health’s Grants systems, and take responsibility for implementing this strategy over a multi-year period.
  • Pro-actively identify problems and opportunities to improve Alberta Health’s Grants systems, especially the Grant Administration and Management System (GAMS), and initiate efforts to bring about the required changes.
  • Provide project management services on projects to improve Grants systems, producing the required deliverables at all stages of the project life-cycle, as identified in Alberta Health’s Project Management Office (PMO) Framework.
  • Negotiate statements of work and estimates with external vendors, such as CSDC and CGI.
  • Make decisions in the capacity of project manager, escalating any issues to the GAMS Application Steward.
  • Develop, maintain, and monitor integrated project plans, strategies, and resource requirements.
  • Provide leadership in developing business requirements, design, configuration, testing, training, and risk identification and mitigation strategies.
  • Monitor activities to ensure system functions are accurately developed and business requirements are met.
  • Effectively manage and respond to requests for change.
  • Administer the Decision and Change management processes to effectively manage and respond to issues.
  • Lead the project outcome and post-initiative review processes.

Carry out Business Analysis task in support of Grants systems enhancement projects, with the end result that changes and their impacts are well thought out and tested

  • Collaborate with other branches and divisions to identify business requirements/changes to be delivered by GAMS.
  • Assess changes required for business processes associated with business requirement changes/enhancements to be delivered by GAMS.
  • Identify the business impact of changes in system functions resulting from upgrades and communicate to the business areas.
  • Develop business requirements, design, configuration, testing, training, and risk identification and mitigation strategies.
  • Act as liaison between business and IT resources to achieve business outcomes.
  • Lead project test teams providing consultation, analysis, and recommendations for program area and system development.
  • Create system test strategy, plans, and test scripts.
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing on all aspects of the functionality including business processes, information access, security, navigation, reporting, etc.
  • Manage UAT process by determining participants, providing tester training, and managing issue resolution process.
  • Provide on-going feedback to test participants and promote the value of formalized UAT.
  • Monitor testing activities to ensure systems functions are accurately deployed and meet business requirements.

Maintain Alberta Health’s Grant Policy and Grant Procedures, with the end result that these policies and procedures continue to fulfill changing stakeholder requirements, and that Alberta Health remains in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.

  • Identify needs to correct, improve, or update Alberta Health’s Grant Policy and Grant Procedures.
  • Draft the revised Grant Policy and Grant Procedures, and reach agreement on wording with all stakeholders.
  • Recommend the authorization of the revised Grant Policy and Grant Procedures as appropriate.

Drive inter-Ministry cooperation on grants software, with the end result that there is a net benefit of the Government of Alberta as a whole.

  • Form partnerships with equivalent positions in other Ministries within the Government of Alberta.
  • Seek out opportunities to cooperate with other Ministries on grants software, resulting in more productive use of software and potential cost savings to the Government as a whole.


  • A sample illustration of the scope of this position is the identification of a problem with GAMS’s interface with IMAGIS. The BA identifies the problem and sees the opportunity to remedy it. As Health’s in-house expert on GAMS, the BA enumerates potential solutions. The BA negotiates estimates with the software vendor and makes a decision as to the optimal, most timely, most cost-effective solution. The BA negotiates funding for this solution with HITS, manages the work of CGI, IBM, and the software vendor in support of the solution, and manages the coordination of internal and external resources to test and implement the solution in a timely manner.
  • The position impacts staff in Financial and Corporate Services and in the other divisions who have grants.
  • The position impacts vendors such as CGI, IBM, and CSDC.
  • The position provides quality control over materials for the Minister, the Deputy Minister, and Alberta Health Services.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • University degree in a quantitative discipline
  • Knowledge of Alberta Health’s Grant Administration and Management System (GAMS)
  • Knowledge of Alberta Health’s Grant Policy and Grant Procedures
  • Understanding of accounting and financial control principles, ideally gained through formal education
  • Broad knowledge of information technologies such as databases, client-server architectures, and virtualization
  • Working knowledge of SAS Enterprise Guide reporting software
  • Ability to establish good working relationships with staff in other branches, other divisions, and other Ministries
  • Ability to negotiate with external vendors of technology services and software
  • Skill to identify and articulate problems that have not previously been recognized, and to propose relevant solutions
  • Superior writing skills and experience producing written deliverables within a formal project-management methodology
  • System development and methodology
  • Strong analytical and data interpretation skills
  • Ability to function under pressure on several tasks simultaneously and to meet timelines
  • Vision and foresight
  • High level of competence, motivation, creativity and initiative
  • Ability to research issues accurately to identify and solve problems
  • Competencies include the ability to be adaptive, client-focused, results-oriented, and innovative
  • Requires strong skills in communicating, problem solving, applying judgment, and building relationships
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to negotiate change to obtain commitment of others
  • Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills


  • Administrators, Managers, Directors, and Executive Directors in six divisions: offers support, training, and advice on GAMS and on the Grant Policy and Grant Procedures
  • GAMS divisional Business Leads and the GAMS Application Steward: identify problems and opportunities, then plan and manage solutions
  • Equivalent positions in other Government of Alberta Ministries
  • Vendors (CGI, CSDC, IBM): manage and direct work; negotiate, fund, and monitor expenditure
  • Other FCS and HITS staff: work with to identify and solve problems
  • Grant Advisor: direct supervision

Supervision Exercised

  • The Business Analyst exercises direct supervision over the Grants Advisor (Finance 1)
  • The Business Analyst has in the past, and may in the future, exercise direct supervision over temporary data entry staff provided on contract by staffing agencies
  • As a project manager, the Business Analyst exercises functional supervision over vendor staff (e.g., from CGI, IBM, or CSDC)

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