Position profile: Delivery Services Supervisor

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  • Job Title: Delivery Services Supervisor
  • Work Unit: Delivery Services Division
  • Ministry: Alberta Community and Social Services
  • Competition Number: 1050787


The Supervisor is responsible to provide leadership, strategic planning, support, direction and consultation to worksite staff delivering People Investment and/or Skills Investment programs. As a member of the area management team, they assist in developing and implementing area plans; facilitate changes in program direction; assist staff to develop and implement plans to improve individual performance; and conduct continuous environmental scanning to ensure that quality customer service goals are maintained, service delivery impacts are identified and changes implemented. The Supervisor influences outcomes of strategic directions in the region and impacts front line staff level of satisfaction/productivity in the work environment. The Supervisor ensures that program services are administered in accordance with accepted practices and guidelines as defined by departmental policy, procedure and legislation. The Supervisor interacts with clients to resolve complex issues in a variety of situations. This role is an integral component of financial management in Community and Social Service programs, and supervises the staff given the legislative authority to initiate, approve and disperse Community and Social Services program funds. The Supervisor represents Community and Social Services in the community, liaising with various interest groups and representing the Department in many capacities.

Responsibilities and Activities


As a member of the area management team contributes directly to the development and implementation of regional operations plans' goals and strategies, and to the building of effective and highly motivated unit teams.

  • As a member of the area management team, oversees the delivery of services according to the strategic direction of the department and the regional/area operations plans.
  • Complies, analyzes and presents relevant area/region program delivery data/trends to support the area management team in their review of operational goals and plans. Provides input to the planning process related to both current and projected needs within the area/region, including related information from regional environmental scans, and ongoing liaison with varied community stakeholders.
  • Provides input to the area management team in their review of specific issues related to proposed changes to departmental policy or delivery processes - through identifying area/region needs or providing area/region feedback on proposed changes.
  • Translates area/region goals and business plans into more detailed and specific unity goals, objectives and plans. Clarifies department and office goals and assists staff in determining how their work contributes to achieving these goals.
  • Leads change at the unit level, and implements effective change strategies. Supports staff in dealing with change through modeling, coaching, mentoring, and staff training.
  • Creates positive work environment. Encourages staff to contribute to continuous improvement in how information and services are delivered; works to build a fair, safe and healthy environment for staff; facilitates clear and open communication within the office; recognizes staff accomplishments; and fosters team learning, development and capacity building.
  • Monitors and reports on goal/operational plan progress throughout the year. Highlights areas of concern, risk, or opportunity related to program delivery to the area management team and provides supported recommendations for action.


Supervises and coordinates activities of unit staff delivering Community and Social Services programs to clients in the area/community. Utilizes good management and supervisory practices to develop and maintain a skilled client-focused staff.

  • Responsible for the direct supervision of unit staff delivering program information and services to local area/community clients. Participates in the recruitment of staff and provides orientation and training to new employees in all the roles supervised.
  • Supports the consistent interpretation and application of legislation, policy and procedures by providing advice and consultation to staff. Monitors work to ensure adherence to departmental policies and procedures and provides feedback on new policies/procedures.
  • Establishes unit and individual objectives, monitors and provides feedback on performance on an ongoing basis as well as through the department performance review process.
  • Models, fosters and supports personal and professional development of staff, assesses staffing training needs and supports development of individual training plans to facilitate competency development.
  • Coordinates the overall performance, conduct and attendance of worksite staff within delegated authority, consulting with managers on performance issues that may require action outside of delegated authority. Encourages staff participation in career pathing processes that benefit individual and organizational development.

Program Administration

Responsible for the ongoing delivery of program information and services consistent with the strategic directions of the area/region and department business plans. Supports the ongoing operations of the work unit to achieve Community and Social Services targets, standards and core business goals.

  • Monitors unit work to ensure department programs are administered to meet the requirements of legislation, policy, and procedures. Through consultation with management team, other Supervisors, and Specialists ensures interpretation and application of legislation, policy and procedures are consistent with region targets, standards and goals.
  • Coordinates day-to-day operations of the unit assigning/providing back up cover off for unit staff, other supervisors and management as required to meet service delivery needs.
  • Keeps up to date on trends and program issues and changes in legislation/precedent/procedures; identifies service delivery gaps; participates on committees to resolve policy issues. Reviews unit caseload and other statistics to ensure work is processed.
  • Ensures accurate and timely delivery of Community and Social Service program services information to staff, stakeholders, and public.
  • Conducts case consultations with individual workers, participates in case conferences on complex or contentious cases. The Supervisor has a significant role in dealing with clients when situations escalate significantly. Mediates and resolves issues between clients and workers and among team members.
  • Coordinates the appeal process, reviews worker decisions, interviews client and makes supervisory decisions on informal appeals, facilitates resolution to clients in crisis. Represents the Department at Appeal Board Hearings. Prepares information for Appeal Board Hearings and/or Health Benefits Review Committee; presents information at Appeal Board Hearings, etc. Reviews worker’s decisions, prepares and provides information for Action Requests.
  • In response to Action Requests the Supervisor reviews workers decision and file information in order to provide information. Responsible to prepare the initial backgrounder in accordance to provincial standards.
  • Approves and coordinates services to applicants and recipients for Community and Social Services programs/services.
  • Coordinates assigned human and financial resources to achieve departmental goals within delegated authorities ensuring that the programs and services are delivered in a cost-effective manner.
  • Ensures the personal information of Community and Social Services customers and stakeholders is handled in a manner consistent with Community and Social Services privacy and security requirements. (E.g. Client files, information gathering, information storage etc.)
  • Conducts consultations with Services Coordinators regarding complex or contentious cases. The Supervisor has a significant role in dealing with clients when situations escalate significantly. Mediates and resolves issues between clients and workers and amongst team members.
  • Serves as Expenditure Officer for funeral benefits: responsible for eligibility, benefit level and service delivery
  • Coordinates the appeal process, reviews with the client/Services Coordinator to prepare information for informal appeals for various program partners.
  • Advanced knowledge of the policies, procedures, programs, services and legislation related to stakeholders: Human Services, Seniors, Child Care Subsidy, Kin Child Care, Adult Health Benefits, Income Support, Funeral Benefits
  • Ensures that the personal information of clients and stakeholders from Income Support, LISA, AISH, Alberta Seniors Benefits, Child Care Subsidy, Adult Health Benefits, Kin Child Care is handled in a manner consistent with Human Services privacy and security requirements.
  • Designs and facilitates the Alberta Supports training program and orientation for new employees.
  • Provides cross-location support for Contact Centre and In-person sites with training, technical support and mentoring.
  • Ongoing assessment of Services Coordinator training needs and facilitation of in house training with program area partners as needed.
  • Identifies and resolves technical concerns and issues and provide expert advice and feedback to the technical team about the systems in use and how they function.

Community Liaison and Partnership Development

Coordinates and facilitates communication with business and community stakeholders in support of client needs, plans for and provides services to meet the needs of clients in the community. Plans for and provides services to assist in identifying local labour market needs/issues.

  • Actively participates in Community Initiatives that will improve the quality of life for Albertans in our communities: Low Cost Housing Initiative, Public Transportation Initiative, Safety First, Disaster Services, United Way, service needs assessments etc.
  • Networks with community members, agencies and other stakeholders to develop communication networks to enhance service delivery.
  • Participates in individual/case conferences and/or community partnerships that support addressing client needs.
  • Establishes protocols with other areas of the department, other government departments, MLA offices and other stakeholders in the community.
  • Develops and maintains partnerships internally at the local/regional levels to establish effective channels for delivery of Community and Social Services to clients within the area.


The Supervisor consults and collaborates with a wised range of institutions, contracted service providers, professional individuals, community agencies and government departments. A major focus of the Supervisor is on translating department and region business plan goals into area specific work plans directed at meeting local information and service needs of the local community. The Supervisor is responsible for building relationships with community stakeholders to gather relevant information about needs and trends of the community. As a member of the area management team provides information and analysis to support regional planning to meet local community needs.

A second major focus of the Supervisor is to provide leadership to staff serving a very diverse client group and consequently must employ a high degree of resourcefulness and creativity in meeting the varied, and often multiple needs of clients. Not all interactions with clients are voluntary, as some Albertans may be poorly motivated or in a crisis situation. Clients present with multiple barriers to employment and general functioning, including mental health issues, addictions, physical disabilities, etc. which requires a broad knowledge of and ability to deal with a broad range of clients with personality and behaviour problems. As a result the Supervisor must be able to lead, motivate and support staff dealing with interactions that may be stressful. The Community and Social Services Supervisor play a major role in establishing and maintaining a working environment and the Supervisory relationships that supports employee satisfaction and productivity.

An in depth knowledge of varied career development and income support programs and services is required to enable the Supervisor to assist staff in developing the necessary knowledge and skills to initiate the appropriate program or service interventions; interpret and apply programs, policies and procedures, and make decisions as to program eligibility and support levels, for individual clients.

The Supervisor is responsible for the application of theoretical and program knowledge and administrative procedures.

Stakeholders: (may include)

  • Public and private post-secondary educational institutions
  • Schools
  • Contracted service providers—various professionals
  • Other provincial government departments, agencies and boards
  • Departments within other levels of government
  • Community agencies
  • Aboriginal communities and organizations
  • Employers
  • Albertans

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


University graduation in Social Sciences, Humanities, or a related field and considerable, progressively responsible experience in the Income and/or Labour Market Programs, Supervisory experience is an asset. Equivalencies of a related diploma, supplemented by extensive experience considered.

  • Knowledge of legislation, acts and regulations (i.e. IESA, AISH, OHS, Child and Family Support, FOIP, etc.)
  • Knowledge of LMDA programs, EI program as well as other Federal programs and services, Alberta Learning, eligibility, etc.)
  • Understanding and application of theoretical knowledge pertaining to leadership, supervision, team building and goal setting and performance management.
  • Understanding and application of theoretical knowledge in human development and behaviour, social policy, labour market, career planning and development, career and employment counselling, and diverse barriers to employment and social functioning.
  • Specialized knowledge of income and employment programs supervised along with applicable regulations, legislation, policy and procedures.
  • Sound knowledge of the area/region and understanding of how regional needs impact planning and forecasting.
  • Working knowledge of Master and Subsidiary Agreements and Human Resource accountabilities delegated to a supervisor.
  • Working knowledge of area operational plan, regional operational plan and the departmental business plan.
  • Knowledge of relevant computerized information systems (including SF, LISA/CCD, Mobius, ARC, e-mail, AIMS, word processing and the internet, etc.)
  • Knowledge of assessment principles, practices and applications.
  • Knowledge and understanding of multi-cultural issues.
  • Advanced knowledge of the Avaya Contact Centre technology, including CMS Supervisor and Quality Monitoring.
  • Supervision of email components related to Email Solution; compilation of commonly asked questions to provide to program partners, reviewing and providing feedback on templates sent by Alberta Supports 36 program partners, updating and changing email templates as program information changes, identifying areas of opportunity to increase efficiency in email response, scheduling workforce to handle new process, facilitating training sessions on email solution.
  • Proficiency in all program databases: Mobius, CCD, LISA, CCS, KCC, AHB, TOI, ASB
  • Use of Avaya One-X to provide statistical information on call primary, secondary and tertiary call types handled by Alberta Supports, which involves the creation of reports to communicate information to the Alberta Supports Manager, CSTO Project Managers and program partners as needed.

Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership skills, including team building, motivating and influencing.
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal), including interviewing (one on one) group facilitation and public speaking/presentation skills.
  • Strong conflict resolution, crisis management, problem solving and mediation skills.
  • Ability to manage change.
  • Ability to assess risks.
  • Strong organizational skills for both time and task management.
  • Ability to support and respect diversity in the workplace.
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, with frequent interruptions, and crisis situations.
  • Responsibility and initiative for own performance, learning and progress toward achieving departmental and personal goals.
  • Ability to generate and implement creative solutions to complex issues.

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