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Alberta 2013-2014 flood recovery update

May 2014 recovery update on the June 2013 floods that struck southern Alberta and Wood Buffalo.

The June 2013 flooding was the largest and most expensive natural disaster in Alberta's history. The provincial and federal governments are estimated to spend nearly $5 billion to recover and rebuild. As of February 2014, governments have spent $553 million in operating and $40 million in capital spending, including over $425 million in Disaster Recovery Program funding.

Community stabilization

Immediate Relief Funding (pre-loaded debit cards and cheques)
Emergency funds to help more than 56,000 Albertans evacuated from their homes for seven days or longer to cover immediate housing needs and day-to-day purchases.
$66 million
Small Business Rebuilding Program
Assists businesses with 21 to 50 full-time employees to rebuild.
$3 million*
Hand-up Plan
Immediate financial assistance for more than 1,500 businesses and nearly 400 not-for-profits that are helping communities recover from the 2013 floods.
$32 million*
Temporary schools
Modular classrooms and a temporary gym to accommodate students in High River and Calgary displaced from the three schools most significantly impacted by the flood.
$46 million
First Nations housing
Support to rebuild and repair First Nation homes damaged by the June flood, including $9 million to increase training opportunities. These costs will be reimbursed by the federal government.
$200 million
Repair to water infrastructure
Funds to repair and enhance to water management, water treatment and wastewater facilities.
$16 million
Support for post-secondary institutions
Stabilization funding to support post-secondary institutions impacted by the flooding.
$8 million
Support for cultural and non-profit organizations
Funds to assist arts, nonprofit and voluntary organizations rebuild and meet additional needs in their communities.
$18 million
Total, Community Stabilization$389 million
*Current allocation is less than forecast in Second Quarter based on actual program participation.

Long term recovery and mitigation

Property Tax Relief for impacted municipalities
Funding to stabilize municipal revenues in the event of lost property taxes.
$84 million
Support to assist Albertans dealing with stress and trauma
Funding to address the immediate and long-term well-being of flood-impacted Albertans.
$50 million
Ongoing support for flood recovery
Operational support for long-term flood recovery efforts.
$50 million
Erosion control and community flood mitigation projects
Dedicated funding to restore land damaged by erosion in flood-affected communities and build community mitigation projects.
$264 million
Flood mitigation project engineering
Preliminary engineering and assessment of mitigation projects.
$20 million
Highway infrastructure resiliency projects
Enhance highway and bridge structures to higher standards than their pre-flood conditions to protect them from future floods.
$110 million
Increasing resiliency of schools, hospitals and provincial infrastructure
Enhance schools, hospitals and other provincial infrastructure to higher standards than their pre-flood conditions to protect them from future floods.
$90 million
Floodway relocation program
Funds to support homeowners who wish to relocate from the floodway.
$137 million
Restoration of fish habitats
Funds to restore disturbed habitats and mitigate impacts of future floods.
$11 million
Maintaining enrolment funding for impacted school boards
Funding to mitigate anticipated losses of student enrolment in flood-affected communities.
$39 million
Flood hazard studies
Complete and update flood hazard studies and flood maps across the province.
$9 million
High River Community Resource Centre
Planning and design for a community resource centre to replace the provincial building damaged in the flood.
$5 million
Total, Long-term recovery and mitigation$869 million

Some programs listed above may qualify in part for the Disaster Recovery Program, and their costs may be shared with the federal government.

Disaster Recovery Program

In addition to the provicial programs outlined, the Disaster Recovery Program provides financial assistance to individuals, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipalities and government departments for uninsurable loss and damage caused by emergencies and disasters. Eligible applications under the Disaster Recovery Program total $3.1 billion. A majority of these costs are expected to be reimbursed by the federal government and will be recorded as revenue.

To date, over $425 million in Disaster Recovery funds have gone to impacted families and communities.

Updated May 7, 2014