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Organizational Units

Environment and Parks
Organizational Units

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Environment and Parks
Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Climate Change Division
Corporate Services Division
Environmental Monitoring and Science Division
Operations Division
Parks Division
Policy and Planning Division
Strategy Division
Land Use Secretariat
Alberta Environmental Appeals Board
Natural Resources Conservation Board
Office of the Minister
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Nixon, Jason, Honourable
780 427-2391 Minister of Environment and Parks, House Leader
Livingston, Pam
780 427-2391 Chief of Staff
Sinclair, Jess
780 427-2391 Press Secretary
Miller, Dean
780 427-2391 Special Advisor
Sennyah, Andrew
780 427-2391 Ministerial Assistant
Jenvey, Kate
780 427-2391 Executive Assistant
Read, Kim
780 427-2391 Executive Assistant / ARTS
Parsons, Sylvia
780 427-2391 Scheduling Coordinator

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