Searching the Government of Alberta online telephone directory

The Government of Alberta online telephone directory allows you to search for individuals, titles, work units or programs.

In the search box, you can enter the name of an individual, program or department and search throughout our directory.

Search results will be broken down into a number of categories, described below.

  • Programs and Services: these results will provide you with information about Government of Alberta programs and services.
  • Administrative Listings: these results provide telephone numbers for common services found in each ministry. For instance, you can search for telephone numbers for the Human Resources branch of each government department. Human resources, information technology and finance are some examples of work units found in each ministry.
  • Organizational Units: these results will show individual organizational units within departments that have the keyword(s) you have searched for. When you select any of these items, it will allow you to navigate through the organization for people and telephone numbers.
  • Staff: these results will show Government of Alberta staff who have the keyword you searched for in their name, title or organizational unit.
  • News releases: these results will list any Government of Alberta news release which has your search term in the headline.

The search results page will also show how many results you have received in each category.


Different icons are used throughout the online telephone directory.

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