55117 - Vertical Control Data

Vertical Data for Quad 55117

Alberta Transportation Vertical Data for Quad 55117

=== Line No. PB:085 Apr, 1969 ===
Bench Mark 55117-1 Elevation: 663.339m 2176.31 ft. 122M S. OF W 1/4 SEC 27-69-22-5, ON N. SIDE OF FARM APPROACH TO E.
Bench Mark 55117-2 Elevation: 645.588m 2118.07 ft. 12M N. OF S.W. COR SEC 35-69-22-5
Bench Mark 55117-3 Elevation: 650.026m 2132.63 ft. AT N.E. COR SEC 34-69-22-5

=== Line No. PB:258 Nov, 1984 ===
Bench Mark 55117-4 Elevation: 395.739m 1298.36 ft. APPROX.450M.S & 150M.W OF THE NE.34-77-24-5, AT THE NE.CORN. OF INT. HWY 49 & WATINO ACCESS.
Bench Mark 55117-5 Elevation: 394.595m 1294.60 ft. APPROX.100M.N & 250M.E.OF THE E1/4 27-77-24-5, APPROX.19M.W OF CENTRE LN.HWY.49,55M.S.OF CENTRE LN.OF W. ACCESS RD.
Bench Mark 55117-6 Elevation: 477.939m 1568.04 ft. APPROX.350M.E.OF THE E1/4 22-77-24-5,ON S/W SIDE OF HWY.49,AT E.END OF GAURD RAIL,APPROX.17M.W.OF CENT. LN.HWY 49.
Bench Mark 55117-7 Elevation: 512.420m 1681.17 ft. APPROX.270M.S.OF THE NE.23-77-24-5,IN THE SW. CORN OF A 'T' JCT.
Bench Mark 55117-8 Elevation: 549.786m 1803.76 ft. APPROX.150M.S.OF THE E1/4 25-77-24-5,AT THE SW. CORN. OF AN INTERSECTION.