51111 - Vertical Control Data

Vertical Data for Quad 51111

Alberta Transportation Vertical Data for Quad 51111

=== Line No. PB:322 May, 1991 ===
Bench Mark 51111-1 Elevation: 744.730m 2443.34 ft. APPROX. AT SE.9-25-14-4; APPROX. 18M W. C/L N-S RD. & 4M N. R-18; 0.3M E. N-S FENCE LINE.
Bench Mark 51111-2 Elevation: 747.804m 2453.43 ft. APPROX. AT NE.9-25-14-4; APPROX. 18M SOUTH "T" JUNCTION AT FENCE CORNER.
Bench Mark 51111-3 Elevation: 728.952m 2391.57 ft. APPROX. 200M E. & 100M S. OF NE.8-25-14-4; ON SOUTH SIDE OF SH 565 ON FENCE LINE.
Bench Mark 51111-4 Elevation: 752.739m 2469.62 ft. APPROX. AT THE SW CORNER OF SW.17-25-14-4; APPROX. 3M W. C/L ENT. N. & 19M N. C/L SH565 AT FENCE COR.