Provincial Base Map Series - 1:750 000 Scale


This cartographic quality series of 1:750 000 scale colour printable maps covers the provincial extent of Alberta. The 1:750 000 scale map series are a generalized large scale version of the 1:1 000 000 scale maps.

The series is now available as a fee free download in Adobe PDF format under the Open Government Licence – Alberta.

Of note, the series is derived from the Provincial Base Map Series source digital vector data that is also available under the Open Government Licence – Alberta and is distributed by AltaLIS Ltd. - Small Scale Mapping - 1:1 Million Base.

These maps display:

  • Alberta Township System (ATS)
  • major hydrographic features
  • major roads
  • municipalities
  • railways
  • select geo-administrative features (parks, reserves, etc.)

In addition to the primary provincial base map, this series includes various themes that overlay the primary base map.

Map Coverage and How to View

At this scale 1.0 cm on the map represents 7.5 km on the ground. Each map covers an area of 10 degrees of longitude and 11 degrees of latitude. Generally these maps are printed on 106.68 x 172.72cm (42" x 68") paper size.

This product can be viewed on a computer, printed or be plotted in part or in whole. To maintain the original map scale when printing the entire product, it must be plotted on a plotter that can use paper that is a minimum width of 106.68 cm (42").

Map Series Updates and Samples

The update of this map series is based on the provincial Base Features Access Update Program that has an approximate 5 year update cycle. Refer to the 'time period of content' in the *.xml metadata record provided with each map product download for currency of each map product.

This series is generally updated on an annual basis.

View a sample 1:750 000 map sheet:

Map Sheet Download: Open Government

The map series is available as a fee free download under the Open Government Licence - Alberta.

To download 1:750 000 map sheets, select the desired map sheet theme below. Each map sheet is provided in Adobe PDF format within a downloadable WinZip file. Please note: each zipped map sheet package varies in size with 18mb's being an average size.

PLEASE NOTE: Your use of the information will be governed by the terms of the Open Government Licence - Alberta, in force as of the date you accessed the information.

Map Sheet Themes of the Map Series

General Themes

Government of Alberta Administrative Themes

Land Management Themes