Personal & Family Supports

Find supports and services for family, health, wellness and disabilities.

Children & families

Programs and guidance for parents and soon-to-be parents.


Child care subsidy

Parenting resources

Maternity & parental leave

Family law

Legislation, programs and services to help people find solutions for their family law issues.

Alberta's Family Law Act

Family law & child support

Family Law Information Centres

Maintentance enforcement (MEP)

Financial assistance

Employment, financial and social supports for unemployed or low-income Albertans.

Financial assistance

Income support

Affordable housing

Rent support programs

Abuse & bullying

Supports for preventing and stopping abuse, family violence and bullying.

Bullying prevention

Child intervention

Family violence

Sexual assault and abuse


Financial assistance, health benefits and housing programs.

Retirement and pensions
(Government of Canada)

Alberta Seniors Benefit

Dental and optical assistance

Seniors' housing programs

Financial assistance

Protection for vulnerable Albertans

Services and supports for adults and children with disabilities.

Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)

Persons With Developmental Disabilities (PDD)

Protection for persons in care 

Disability services