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Government sole-source service contracts

See a database of sole-source contracts for government services.

About the database

This database provides information on sole-source contracts of $10,000 or more for services by Alberta government departments. Contract numbers followed by an "(a)" indicate an amendment to an existing contract. Agencies, boards and commissions are not included.

Contracts in the database have start dates beginning April 1, 2015, and later. The database will be updated quarterly.

The information in the database can be filtered or sorted.

Sole-source contracting information is presented in two tables below. The first table identifies the sole-source contracts which support government business. The second table identifies sole-source contracts specific to the Department of Human Services that directly support Albertans in need.

One of the ways Human Services provides support to Albertans is by contracting on a sole-source basis to deliver a wide range of social services. While this approach meets Alberta's trade agreement obligations, work is in progress to ensure this is the most appropriate way to procure these services. More information can be found at

Human Services sole-source contracts for direct social supports

This data is also available in a number of open formats on the Alberta Open Government Portal